Question 1) If America is facing water scarcity why are we allowing china to set up massive pumps on the great lakes and ship our water away

Question 2) If America is facing oil scarcity and has to import oil from the middle east, why do we import our oil from Alaska to China?

Question 3) If America is in a horrible jobs situation and million of American software engineers are unemployed, why did you give out 577,428 H-1B visas in 2012 for Foreign workers to take jobs from America?

Question 4) If Every City in America with Greater than 40% Black and Hispanic populations has horrific high murder rates, crime, and cannot pay it’s own bills due to the decreased tax revenue – what is the logic in transforming all of America into a majority black/hispanic society will that not then destroy all our cities and bankrupt us?

China’s currency peg which has bankrupted America can be easily defeated once you realize that that same currency price makes that nations natural resources dirt cheap. So why aren’t we export timber and water and oil from China to America? It would cripple China in just a few years. Would China allow it? Heck no they would scream and shut the companies down, and THEN THEN! we would have a bargaining position to fight from.

Finally why don’t we offer American manufacturing companies the same low tax rates that China offers?

“Firms in the manufacturing sector can be exempt from paying any tax whatsoever for the first two years of making an operating profit and a 50% reduction in the standard tax rate for three years thereafter. In addition, there are a host of other tax benefits to foreign firms including a base rate of 15% to manufacturers in designated Economic and Technological Development Zones or businesses in Special Economic Zones. There are further tax rates of 24% available to productive FIEs located in the various development zones and cities, dependent on the location of the project.”