“If the party wants to win, it’s going to go with someone who can unite us and not divide the party into narrow groups.”
They say the same thing every 4 years…and then the party picks a moderate like Dole, McCain, and Romney, and they lose.
Ted Cruz is the closest thing we’ve had to Ronald Reagan since Ronald Reagan. He will mop the floor with any Democrat that is put up against him. Unfortunately, the Republican primaries will likely knock Cruz out because the base’s votes will be divided between Cruz and Paul and the two or three other conservatives (and perceived conservatives like Ryan and Rubio) who might run. The moderate will then pick up the nomination, like happens over and over and over. And all of this assumes the Republicans haven’t run off half the base by 2016 because of amnesty.”

Ted Cruz is picking up steam and why not. Time and time again the Religious bible thumping base gets snookered into picking a RINO like Warmonger and Traitor McCain who hates the constitution or like Warmonger and constitution hater Romney. Gee I wonder why people didn’t turn out in droves to vote for them. These bible thunper candidates can never win.

They also cut off the libertarians, ignoring Ron Pauls formal nomination papers from five states.  What does that mean? It means the GOP basically said “Ok you won, but we decided that means you lost” Will any libertarian join in with the GOP this time? Doubtful. Maybe a Rand Paul bid will test that but I think it’s not likely to work. Too many libertarians were burned when the GOP declared the entire contest RIGGED in IOWA and RIGGED at the convention for any of them to want to play such a stupid game ever again.

So does the GOP have a credible party to stand up to the democrats anymore? No not really. America needs its Beppe Grillo party, a hard spoken brash third to peck away 20% of the GOP and 20% of the Thug-o-Crats. The platform? The unifying message? Simple – America First.


No longer will we cow tow to illegal invaders. No longer will we import 577,000 H-1Bs in a single year to take  tech jobs from Citizens and act like all that is normal. No longer will we have free and open trade with nations that falsify their currency like China. And on top of that we will restore the rule of law.

Is it enough to win? Maybe not the go around, but it’s enough to put a 40% voting block in front of the rest of the congress and senate. The battle MUST be for congress at this point. No third party will have the respect to go for the presidency until they take a third of congress.