A lot of black behaviour makes no sense whatsoever until you realize they are just copying Memes from white people but because they have no concept of guilt or shame, their smaller brains being apparently incapable of such things, we get a lot of odd behavior. Things seem sorta ok on the surface, it sorta makes sense, until you look at it and go HEY WAIT A MINUTE!

It was one thing for blacks to march in the street for dead thug Trayvon Martin.  There is at least a minority possibility that he was gunned down for the wrong reason or too much force was used. But what do we say about the marches for the Jena Six?



The Jena Six were a group of six big black thug footballers who attacked a tiny white high school kid from behind cold cocking him and then kicking him in the head when he fell down.  And blacks turn out in outrage to support these people? Why?


Well you see they are following a meme, which is the protest of injustice meme. And since they lack all understanding of doing the christian thing and not beating strangers from behind with big lead pipes to the head, well, they get a bit confused.

So they march and protest and say “free our babies” well, because in their minds it’s impossible for a black person to ever do something bad. That’s why all those moms come out of court after farkinqadsa is sentenced to death for killing ten people or raping a 99 year old white woman, and screams “but he was such a good boy” and they scream and faint over the injustice of it all.

And now we have it again.  Mothers of Murdered Offspring was marching to protest the death of little thug criminal Javon Booker who was fatally shot when robbing a convenience store.  Now wait a second, that’s not murder not by a long shot.  Shouldn’t the Anti-Violence vigil be marching AGAINST Javon and Trayvon and all the other violent piece of shit thugess that we have coddled for too long? NO! Why? Because they are missing a piece of the MEME.

In their MEME (without GUILT)  you protest against the violence simply when one of your brood is arrested, wounded, or killed, regardless of what they were doing.  A six on one gang attack from behind? Not a problem no guilt. A Trayvon looking into windows and found with breaking and entering equipment in his locker? Not a problem no guilt. March for him.

So they copy the motions of what white people do when one of their children dies. But the difference is the white family has lost a child because a black savage killed them, not because they were the killer.


Shooting breaks out – at anti-violence vigil






Charlotte’s recent spate of violence took a new twist Thursday night when gunfire broke out at an anti-violence vigil in the city’s Villa Heights neighborhood.

Four people were injured, but police say none of the victims’ injuries is considered life-threatening. No arrests have been announced.

Mothers of Murdered Offspring sponsored the vigil, calling attention to last Thursday’s death of Javon Booker, who police say was fatally shot when he allegedly tried to rob a convenience store on Tom Hunter Road in north Charlotte. The service took place in the 2500 block of Pinckney Avenue, a block south of Matheson Avenue.

Shortly after 10:30 p.m., police were called by someone at the vigil who said a person pulled a gun and began firing at people.

When officers arrived, they found that most people had fled, and there were no shooting victims. But within a short time, police learned that there were four victims, each of whom had called 911 from a different location.