They rolled out John McCain senator of Arizona to take on a public town hall meeting. Of course his gang was armed, the American people were not. He is the doddering grandfather who demands “respect” and he’s out there to diffuse anger. That’s his job. They think his spark and twinkle is enough but it doesn’t cut it any more.

The speaker starts out “with all due respect” which is a mistake. These people deserve no respect. He says “Were I in a position of power I would arrest you for treason”  The citizens are SUPPOSED to be the ones in power. The Government is supposed to be our servant. But it hasn’t turned out that way.  But American citizens have a difference from our french or British counterparts – American citizens are themselves SOVEREIGNS.  And by rights should be able to enforce laws themselves as well.

One has to ask when American citizens will gather in large numbers to arrest the traitors using citizen arrest powers and citizen courts trial by jury. Or would the secret service simply shoot every one? I wonder.

McCain replies that he is welcome to run for office knowing full well that with the electronic voting machines it is all a fraud and scam. “They have approved of my performance” replies McCain smirking. Yah, a computer rigged program approved you not the will of the people. He says he can’t respond to the charge because it would be “beneath me”.  That’s pretty hard to believe that anything could be beneath him.

The person at the town hall makes a few mistakes. Instead of posing a question he simply needs to charge him. Lay out the key points. – Supporting the Invasion of America, Supporting the Murder of Citizens without trial, and supporting Al-Cia-Duh. Seems to me that’s three pretty solid points.

Of course, there aren’t 50 american’s brave enough to stand up to guns when forced to be unarmed. And rightly so that’s quite a bit to ask. But it isn’t so far off either.

Al-Nusra uses suicide bombings against civilians, wants to impose an islamic state and sharia law. Why would we ever support this? All non-secular states are poison – Isreal, Iran both. Obama seems keen on tearing down the secular arab world that has kept peace – Libya, Egypt, Iraq – and is hell bent on setting up a Islamic sharia order. Why? So his brother Malik can get huge kickbacks as treasurere for Al Islamic Brotherhood? Or maybe its more sinister maybe Obama actually was a founding member of the Islamic Brotherhood. Since he’s never provided a birth certificate we’ll never know.