It’s another slap in the face to American software engineers, two of the main companies that implemented the faulty crashing Obamacare exchanges – Infosys and Cognizant – are American subsidiaries of Indian body shopper and outsourcing companies. In fact, Cognizant and Infosys were the top users of H-1B visas in America. The H-1B visa, the visa which allows low level Indian programmers with fake degrees to get US citizenship, is used to throw better qualified American engineers into the streets or drive down pay. Imagine if we fought the high cost of doctors salaries by bringing in 577,428 (the number of H-1B applications approved in 2012) Indian doctors who took a two week course and worked for 20 dollars an hour.

The GAO has conducted three studies of the H-1B visa and each time found extensive fraud in more than 25% of all applications. And that was only obvious fraud in depth examination would probably expose that many of these applicants either had no degree at all or went to a dubious or fraudulent fly by night university. Even if they have a valid degree often their entire resumes are falsified. So many companies that have fired their American engineers and replaced them with cheaper Indian programmers find out all too fast that they either go bankrupt or struggle (Dell is the latest case in point). (Note: Xerox was one of the few American companies which was awarded work as well)

Infosys was awarded the 50 million Washington DC exchange contract and at least four other states. With defense work slowing, the Indian companies are making a big push to own the exchanges as these promise work for years. But there’s a problem. Programming the exchanges is quite complicated, involving interfacing with legacy Medicare systems and if not done correctly they may seem to work but fall apart as soon as large numbers of users begin using them.

Cognizant won the Illinois contract through no-bid channels. “Two weeks ago, Illinois Governor Patrick Quinn became national news for circumventing a three-year procurement process on up to $190 million in no-bid IT contracts. Last week, we found that one of the largest bid-contract awards outsources state jobs to H-1B contractors from India. The Democratic governor awards $71.4 million contract to an outsourcing firm billing up to $256,160 per year per position — plus $200,000 taxpayer financed “slush fund” for travel. “Outsourced” at home in Illinois… at a higher cost A $71.4 million IT contract was awarded to Cognizant Technology Solutions, which ranks in the top seven [Actually, FIRST!] for procuring H-1B visa workers. As soon as the Illinois contract was signed, evidence shows the company has applied for more than 100 H-1B visas with the United States Department of Labor” – Huffington Post

Looking at the source code directly reveals several staggering mistakes. They have coded nearly whole pages of text and every possible response directly into the web page as a resource whether it is used or not. The more modern method is to fetch it dynamically using AJAX without requiring a full page reload. This made all the pages quite large and heavy which meant the site quickly bogged down under heavy load. There’s no telling what other mistakes were made. They were also using Experian for identity verification, another heavy load on a system which would have to support millions of users. Was it architected for the cloud to dynamically grow resources? Doesn’t look like it.

For example, the Javascript file loaded for each user transfers all error messages, form field messages and front-end error messages from the server to the user’s browser repeatedly for each cultural language supported by the system.

In other words, the entire set of error messages is hard-coded into the Javascript for English, then again for German, then again for French, Spanish, and so on, all the way through Gujarati and who knows how many other unheard-of languages.

I don’t even know how to begin to tell you how disastrously idiotic such a design is. It practically guarantees a critical server crash under any kind of real user load. No programmer with an IQ above 100 would design js code in such a manner. This code was designed and written by utterly incompetent people who have built into the system exactly the kind of architecture that will make it fail if anyone tries to use it.” – Mike Adams,

Every time people go with the cheap foreign programmers the result is the same – a god aweful mess. IBM routinely staffs its consulting projects with H-1B Indians and it’s consulting failures are beginning to mount, most recently the Pennsylvania unemployment contract which Pennsylvania finally canceled in disgust after long overruns and problems. The thought that you can replace American engineers with Indians and simply increase profits without risk is a lie.

That Obama would even allow the work to go to Indian companies and not American citizens is just another slap in the face by a government that is hell bent on destroying the native engineering workforce and endlessly tries to flood the country with cheap foreign engineering labor. The four million engineers who arrived on the H-1B visa have decimated wages in a jobs market that is only 4.5 million large. Things are so bad that contract wages are even lower than they were twenty years ago NOT ADJUSTED FOR INFLATION. Why does the government want to destroy the American software engineer? The truth is the big software moguls who got rich BEFORE the H-1Bs arrived – like Bill Gates – have lobbied congress about a labor shortage. The only shortage is in their willingness to pay decent wages and their pants.

In this interview, Obama states that tech companies keep telling him they are having a hard time finding people (see bill gates video below). Well they are lying. It’s about wages. Sure for 20,000 a year salaries they are having trouble placing people who spent 200,000 dollars on their education worked extremely hard and in the old days were paid as much as doctors and lawyers. Why Obama can’t see through the lies is just ridiculous. All he has to do is check the unemployment rolls.

Another common lie is that skills are not up to date. But that doesn’t hold water. What’s really going on with the H-1B visa is that many of these companies are located in areas where houses cost over a million dollars. Older experienced workers can’t raise their families in one bedroom apartments and are requesting living salaries and instead of paying that, the companies sneak in younger H-1B workers who often live six to an apartment to save money. That’s fine when you are twenty two and trying to make it and get experience, it’s less welcomed to have to do that at forty five with three children.

In a nation that has created only 63,000 private sector jobs since Obama took office six years ago, these acts are shameful. Which senator or congressman will step up and ensure that these jobs go only to American citizens and American companies. Perhaps if they did that, we could actually afford to pay for Obamacare.

Top H-1B visa approvals by company
Company Visa approvals
Cognizant 5715
Infosys 4042
Wipro 2817
Tata 1758
Larsen & Toubro 1608
Microsoft 1586
Accenture 1370
HCL America 1128
IBM 1063
Google 615
Source: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service.