I was in the grocery store today and there was a wigger in front of me. Some white punk who talked like they were a black ghetto banger. He was trying to buy a Walmart cash card with his EBT card so he could buy a television. But the transaction kept being refused – apparently Walmart is smarter than he is.

The thing is, he had a girlfriend. Not just any girlfriend, the kind of perfect 18 year old sumptious blonde chic that makes your head spin. Because he spent all his time slacking off he got the girl, because all you losers worked hard, you just paid the taxes so he can slack off and you get nothing.

The American system is no longer designed so that the smart succed. Ok Elon Musk aside, someone who got lucky in the boom to get his first millions then doubled down with luck to purchase paypal, the lesson of Musk is just how much we can accomplish if we aren’t starved of capital.

What are the avenues an entrepreneur has? Well you might get a SBA loan if you pledge all your lifes savings and house (barring florida where you can escape your house from bankruptcy). For older Americans that means losing your means of retirement, it’s just not workable? What about Obama’s small business grants? Nope they are only matching after you get funding. What about getting funding? Well you’d better be in San Francisco because thats where the vast majority of deals are done. And you’d better have a working site, thousands of users, and basically already be successful. That’s not what capital was supposed to be.

Because the four million Indians with fake degrees here on the H-1B visa have decimated contracting rates, American engineers have a hard time saving money to start companies. Another gift from the lovely government that stops at nothing to fuck over American citizens to give everything to brown people.

Where are the jobs? Just remember they brought in four million shysters with fake degrees to take all our technology jobs away during a thirteen year economic depression. They all deserve to be put in a hole in the ground and never see the sun again. They also amnestied 30 million illegal aliens crushing our health care system then feed us dog shit by forcing us into a system to pay for all the illegals through the horror that the illegals collapsed. And now the US is having votes where 80% of the people on that hill want to utterly collapse the nation by bringing in 80 million more illegals.

There is not a political solution there can only be an armed solution. Why? We HAD the votes to put Ron Paul into nomination. The GOP secretary was handed the official triple stamped and notarized documents from five states. Her response? She stomped on them and laughed. Still think we live in any kind of representative government? Think again.

But the wiggers with the pretty blondes know nothing of this which is why we get tyranny. I hope whatever demonic hell is next to come they get to enjoy it first.