In a recent article on by Paul Joseph Watson – Girls Threatened With Hate Crime Charges For Complaining About Transgender Bathroom Harassment – a fake story leaked by the christian right was picked up. A lot of hate followed.

The bathrooms the bathrooms, they always start with the bathroom issue to attack trans sexing individuals. Wait what did I just say? I didn’t say transgender or transsexual? Whaaaa?

Well you see, if you say either of those two words you immediately lose. Transgender because, well at this point its just a nonsense word with no meaning that men who jack off in panties really fancy because it includes them supposedly (many would beg to differ) with those who medically transition genders. It probably includes hairy men who jack off to pictures of dwarves as far as I know. It’s a term which started out innocent enough to mean transvetite (see Travestia, david virginia prince) and celebrated the lifestyle of drag queens as a fun night out not a serious medical life and death issue.

Now take trans – sex, trans sex sex sex, trans sex sex sex sex SEXUAL (aka free whore, prostitute, gay boy, man who cut their dick off and other fifth grade understandings of what it means when the word is uttered). Sorry, the world isn’t grown up to handle a word that has “SEX” in it without tittering and jacking off.

But wait a frigging minute here. We don’t call people who fight cancer “CANCERUALS” we don’t call people who fight brain tumors “BrainTumerals” so why do we objectify a medical issue as a type of person? Why because we are cruel sick MOFOs that would kick sick struggling people with life and death crisis in the teeth then smeer  their blood over our faces and smile, that’s why.

No they are people who are trans-sexing or who have trans sexed. When someone is done they are simply the gender they have transitioned to whether that was male or female (except that for the F2Ms the surgery isn’t quite ready for prime time, so you get the whole Mangina thing or long knobs that look like something hanging in a italian deli. But that isn’t the case for M2F transition. You actually get the full on working vagina looking and functioning (hopefully) 100% like any natal womans. You still lack a cervix and can’t have babies. But a lot of women lack a cervix. For female to males the surgery will probably be ready with nerve reconnection in ten or twenty years.

One issue with gender transition is the huge cost, which in medical terms isn’t that much but in human terms can be staggering. We gladly pay for dialysis for thousands of illegal aliens who have no right to be in this country. The cost? $250,000.00 a year.  Gender transition all said and done costs about the same. For the M2F the vaginal reconstruction typically is in the 20-40k range with another few months off work to recover. But they have other huge costs requiring FFS (facial surgery) and electrolysis which can add another 100,000 easily. For the F2M much of the cost is in the complicated genital construction which can take three surgeries, skin grafts, and still have issues with nerve sensitivity.  Now if someone was refused any help by their insurance company to pay for this and paid all of it out of pocket, it’s quite ridiculous to tell them now that they will be fined if they don’t sign up for MORE of said wonderful insurance ala Obamacare.

Oh nooo, the naysayers go, wiping their snot on their fifth grade brains, I went to biology class one day in my life and I know that men have XY chromosomes. And you can never change that not ever and so you can never ever ever be a real woman.

Sorry, god has decided that the world just isnt so simple. There are XXY, XXYY, XXXYY, and even AIS women, which are natural women who are born fully as women but have XY chromosomes.

The trans-sexing individual won’t argue that they are something a bit different. The indians call them two spirits. In our clunkly world we might call them intersexed. They might have mental and physical characteristics of both sexes. After living a while (hopefully to 14 or 15, not six) they realize that the group they belong in is different from their birth assigned sex which was a decision made quickly by a doctor. In fact doctors have woken up and no longer simply lop off penises of intersexed babies as the tide has shifted into realizing that the child must decide and only they really know their gender.

Why? Because gender lives in your brain between your ears NOT between your legs. And last I checked brain transplant surgery is a long ways off.

Do we know this for sure? Yes it’s now established medical fact done in studies bear it out. As the Journal of Endocrinology states:

Kruijver et al. 85 (5): 2034

Male-to-Female Transsexuals Have Female Neuron Numbers in a Limbic Nucleus

  Figure 2.

Representative immunocytochemical stainings of the somatostatin neurons and fibers in the BSTc of a reference man (a), reference woman (b), homosexual man (c), and male-to-female transsexual (d)

This study was repeated and confirmed by different groups and also with those who took and did not take hormones. Until a scientist knocks it down, this is our truth. Look at the image in the lower right, it looks just like the image above it – aka male to female transexuals BSTc area resembles perfectly the brains of natal women and NOT natal men NOR gay men. Got that? That’s the SCIENCE.  So for all those fifth grade jackoffs who comment stuff like “cut their dick off”  and “always gonna be a man” its time to come into the 21st century please. This is the proof once and for all that people who transition, who state over and over that their brain gender is stating they are female, now have the science to back them up. Does this make them full women? Well technically they are intersexed, female brained and male bodied. This is NOT a psychological condition. This is a physical condition. There can be no debate.

In a review of the evidence in 2006, Gooren confirms the earlier research as supporting the concept that transsexualism is a sexual differentiation disorder of the sex dimorphic brain.[23] Dick Swaab (2004) concurs.[24]

In 2008, a new region with properties similar to that of BSTc in regards to transsexualism was found by Garcia-Falgueras and Swaab: the interstitial nucleus of the anterior hypothalamus (INAH3), part of the hypothalamic uncinate nucleus. The same method of controlling for hormone usage was used as in Zhou et al. (1995) and Kruijver et al. (2000). The differences were even more pronounced than with BSTc; control males averaged 1.9 times the volume and 2.3 times the neurons as control females, yet once again, regardless of hormone exposure, MTF transsexuals lay within the female range and the FTM transsexual within the male range.[25]

For the M2F we have main suspects as to why this condition biologically occurs. The male fetus requires to elevated time periods of testosterone in the mother and the womb in order to fix gender. If only one of those periods occur you can have a trans child.  Also some speculate that if one has older brothers there may be a antibody reaction. For the F2M things are similar only in their case it’s elevated testosterone in the womb. Now with all the chemicals and poisons in our society do we really thing things NEVER go wrong? Some estimate the prevalence of this at around 1 in 1000 individuals but it could be far greater as it is currently such a “suffer in silence and shame” stigma.  And that’s quite horrid because those who DO NOT GET MEDICAL HELP often kill themselves. The condition is literally a death sentence. Still think this is stuff to yuk yuk it up about mr. “cuthisdickoff?”

Our brains provide the map for our body. When a person has a arm cut off they get “phantom Limb” syndrome. Because there is an internal map for that arm. But when trans sexing M2Fs undergo surgery, they do NOT exeperience a genital phantom limb experience instead everything feels just normal finally. Similarly F2Ms DO experience phantom limb issues as if they did have male genitals.

There have also been studies of pheromone activation in trans sexing individuals who have not yet recieved hormones. The researchers’ conclusion was, that in terms of pheromone activation, MTF’s occupy an intermediate position with predominantly female features.

All of this points to and confirms over and over and over again that this is a brain structure issue, not a psychological problem. And the John Money scandal (the twins case) shows that you cannot re-orient gender in children even in those who have no idea they are “technically” the other gender.  There is no psychiatric treatment. That says a lot.

So it’s utterly infuriating when the christian right tries to stir things up with a fake story about transgender bathroom torment. Someone who actually transitions IS RISKING THEIR LIFE TO DO SO. Got that? DEATH. YES DEATH. This is no small thing.

The california law that takes effect January 1, 2014 says kids can chose their bathrooms. That’s a mistake. People who just “feel” like a transgender one day and use the womens bathroom is despicable. That’s not at all what is being argued or defended. People who trans sex begin a irreversible medical journey to re-align their gender. At that point they are all in and committed. And at that point it does make sense to welcome them into the bathrooms of the gender that doctors, psychiatrists and they themselves after long soul searching thing is correct.

The blogosphere of the Christian Right has been actively discussing a case of transgender harassment at the Florence High School in Colorado.  You can read all about it here, here, and here.  Or you can read about it from the original source piece at the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).  In fact, every single piece of reporting I found on this story, was simply a parroting of the original piece from the CBN.  The CBN’s source story itself is not exactly brimming with journalism, as there are no details given, with the lone exception that a letter was sent from the Pacific Justice Institue ”warning against squelching privacy rights”.

So what’s going on here, how can a have a rational discussion on how to best solve the problems facing the teenage girls of Florence High School who are being harassed by this transgendered individual?

Perhaps there is another way to approach this problem.  Begging the question is an informal logical fallacy in which the original assertion that becomes the foundation of the argument is itself is not established as factual or accurate.

In the case of this story, the original underlying assertion is a transgender person was harassing other students in a restroom.  There are no facts given to state the exact nature of abuse or harassment.  There is no indication if this was the transgendered students first offense, or if there is a history of disruptive behavior from this student.  There is no timeframe given for the original assertion.  Did this harassment occur last week, last month, last year?  What was the prior relationship of the alleged harasser to the students claiming harassment?

Many of the details would of course not be able to be released as all parties involved are most likely minors.  However, with basic facts missing, there is no way one can construct a rational opinion based upon facts on the best solution to a problem I’m not even sure actually exists.

Here is where we encounter another logical fallacy, that of the straw man, an argument which distorts a viewpoint into something easier to argue against.

If you take the CBN story at face value, if everything reported in this story is factual and accurate, then it is obvious who is at fault.  It is easy to understand and come to agreement that having transgendered students in the bathrooms of the cis-gendered students is only asking for harassment, trouble, and is unfair to the cis-gendered students who feel violated.  The implication of this story is that all male to female transgender students are secretly trying to get into the girls bathroom where they can wreak havoc on the purity of the naïve and innocent cis-gendered girls.

It doesn’t take much critical thinking to realize reality is rarely as simple as a straw man argument.  Why would the CBN and the PJI make such an argument?

The PJI is currently in the middle of a legal action to overturn California School Bathroom Bill AB 1266 which allows transgender students to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender they identify as.  Having a villain to use as an example to voting parents who are on the fence is not out of the realm of possibility, although I must stress, there is purely conjecture on my part.


Ok now ask the harder question. Should the rights of one individual with a medical issue override the rights of the 100 or so girls who “freak out” because someone “different” is using their bathroom?  Well unfortunately, the medical requirements are quite clear – 100 % living in the opposite gender is required. There can be no muddling. That is what the medical community has prescribed.  Until/Unless they change that requirement for future treatment, it’s unfair to argue against this person doing exactly what they should be doing.