After the patriots like Cruz finished trying to negotiate for a delay in Obamacare to increase the debt ceiling and got side railed by monsters who should be tarred and feathered like John McCain who did a national press tour saying trying to negotiate was “a waste of time” the other side of the republican party – the death eaters as I like to call them – negotiated the final deal with Obama. But of course, just screwing us over is never enough for these blood goblins from hell, so they added one buried little item – that from now on, congress could only vote to DISPROVE the debt ceiling. From now on the debt ceiling will raise automatically. And of course, if Obama disproves the disapproval with his veto, odds are that we are f-ed forever with no hope.


Their goal, to utterly F and rape our country to smilthereens by at the same time going on a spending spree even though we are broke even giving away billions to third world countries (700 million to Kenya? Why!) at the same time bring in hordes of illegals who raise the price of health care for the rest of us and cost trillions in welfare spending, and of course the thirty million illegals is not enough to F us over quickly so they are pushing for amnesty for invaders which again is treason upon treason and on top of all this they will make sure the dept goes up.


At some point around 20, 22 trillion, we simply wont be able to pay the trillion dollar interest on the debt. The debt will start increasing 2 trillion a year, then the next year four trillion, then the next year six trillion. We are basically only a few years away from utter monetary collapse and barack obama and the congress and the senators all know this and they all continue to spend like they are personally trillionaires. It seems Obama’s goal is not to cut spending but rather to screw us with so much debt that even if a sane rational president takes over next there will be nothing that can be done to prevent the nation from exploding into dire poverty forever and ever.


Its time to get out of America with the next two years. If it lasts that long. Because if you don’t you might get eaten by a cannibal (and no I am not joking or being facetious I’m dead serious)