Now that psychopaths run the government and they are hell bent on

1) being criminals

2) ignoring the constitution

3) murdering ambassadors and giving large weapons to terrorists

4) giving guns to drug lords

5) importing drugs

6) harrassing patriot groups with the IRS

7) letting banks get off scott free with crimes and giving them 20 trillion dollars of fun money to play with while the middle class starves

I could go on. Ok back to the issue at hand. How long do we have?

Well currently our debt service on 17 trillion is 416 billion. Our tax receipts total is : 2.7 trillion.

Lets go forward a few years at 1.5 trillion in debt each year. so in 4 years our debt will be 23 trillion. our debt service will be, assuming interest rates continue to increase a bit, about 700 billion. Our tax income will be around 3 trillion.  Ok lets go another four years out and assume our credit gets a bit worse. say we are now adding 2 trillion a year to the debt so thats 8 trillion more.  So thats 31 trillion. Our debt service will be about 1.5 trillion a year and our income tax will take in about 3.5 trillion.  At this point we are losing about half our government to debt service.  Go another four years and it gets worse. Have a panic in the bond market and it gets worse faster.

So realistically, we should make it another four years without collapse, there is probably a 50% chance of total collapse withing 8 years, and about a 100% chance of collapse within 12.  Take as a rough target guess of 2020. It is only six years away but it is doubtful the bond market will be kind as downgrades and arguments mount as the budget, run by maniacs, gets worse every year.