Yep Obamacare is a pile of stinking poo. With software code so bad it’s gibberish. Written by people with the technical understanding of a swamp rat. All of this is just the thirteenth year culmination in the US Government’s policy of genocide against american software engineers.

American software engineers are the ONLY class of worker forbidden by IRS code from working for themselves. They are also taxed on worldwide income so you cannot escape this simply by working in Europe. In 2012 they approved 577,428 applications for H-1B workers from India – people with fake resumes, fake degrees, and the worst of the worst programmers – to come to America. The companies that got the Obamacare contracts – Infosys and Cognizant – are the #1 and #2 users of the H-1B visa.

That the American government can commit FULL JOB REPLACEMENT BY FOREIGN WORKERS for FOUR MILLION AMERICANS (over 90% of those in the field) and not one press article mentions it is just beyond the pale. This is genocide. These people worked hard, studied hard, and worked harder still to get jobs in their industry. And the American government says – F YOU AND DIE BITCHES, NO REALY F-in DIE!~

Importing hundreds of thousands of these scab workers with fake degrees year after year of the economic collapse is beyond unfair it’s treason. It’s the same treason that the leaders have when they flood the nation with illegal Mexicans knowing full well we can’t afford their welfare and obamacare costs. But do it they still do. Why? Because they are Satan Spawned Communists intent on destroying this country and there can be no other explanation. They take DELIGHT in the suffering of American citizens. For the Banks and illegals and scabs from India EVERYTHING, for citizens – DIE just F-ing DIE DO YOU HEAR ME WHY ARENT YOU DEAD YET YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO F-ING DIE!!!! That is the message we hear from government.

Cheryl Campbell, senior vice president of CGI Federal, said in advance testimony for her scheduled Thursday appearance before the House Energy and Commerce Committee that another contractor was responsible for the technology that allowed users to create new accounts and which caused the initial bottleneck issues on the site.

Obama even appointed Indians to be the first CTO and CIO of America, even though they had a degree in BIOLOGY and a correspondence course in MIS (NOT A TECHNICAL DEGREE) and NO I REPEAT ZERO Industry experience. Were there four million American engineers IMMENSELY more qualified for the job. YEP! But that would go against Obama’s notion that now was the age of the BROWN people.

Obama’s Solution? Call up Verizon and ask for help. Verizon doesn’t DO SOFTWARE you idiot! The telecommunications software they do do has little in common with the Obamacare site. They should have asked Google or Microsoft or Oracle in the very least – at least these are the companies that MAKE the servers that the software uses. Apparently they even asked John McAfee but refused to pay him.

Outsourcing the work on Obamacare to Indian companies when Americans are having trouble eating is just unconscionable. Someone please round up all these traitors and throw them in the most horrific prison on earth.

A $71.4 million IT contract was awarded to Cognizant Technology Solutions, which ranks in the top 7 for procuring H-1B visa workers. As soon as the Illinois contract was signed, evidence shows the company has applied for over 100 H-1B visas with the United States Department of Labor and Training Administration and is recruiting staff from India for the Illinois work.

According to, Cognizant filed federal applications for H-1B visas to fill over 100 full-time positions for the Illinois work. The federal applications of Cognizant explicitly delineate that work locations are Springfield, IL and Lansing, MI. (Illinois has admitted that the MMIS upgrade would occur in both Lansing, MI and Springfield, IL locations.)

Job listings in India offer further evidence of job outsourcing: Cognizant is in India recruiting consultants, coders, architects, MBA’s and programmers with skills such as a “working knowledge of Medicaid and MMIS.” In mid-July, Cognizant Technology Solutions India, Ltd., based in Chennai, held “open interviews” for applicants with the computer language skills needed for the Illinois work. Cognizant’s recruiting agency posted jobs in India looking for medical billing specialists and system programmers with knowledge of Medicaid and the privacy HIPPA laws.

That has to be the height of hypocrisy, saying that they can find people in INDIA who know our medicare systems better than AMERICANS at home do.

Even though the language in the state contract seems to prohibit off-shoring of the Illinois work, posted job descriptions show that once hired, the H-1B employees will work in Chennai and Bangalore, India. So why aren’t they getting in trouble?

Cognizant’s June 20, 2013 contract confirms figures found in the approved federal planning documents. Contracted fee schedules show that first year charges of up to $109.28 per hour per position will increase on renewal to $128.08. Cognizant’s consulting fees of up to $256,160 per person per year will replace senior state managers making $75 per hour or $150,000 per year, including pension and health insurance costs.

Well Mr. Obama, I will, with my team of displaced American GENIUS level engineers who have been looking for work since you stepped foot in the white house, will fix Obamacare for the sum of 100 million dollars, paid in advance, and we guarantee that the site will be working by January 31st. But I guess our ivy league educations are meaningless to someone who likes to hire engineers who trained at the chapati factory.