Mayor Michael Bloomberg will launch Thursday a coalition of mayors and business leaders to advocate for an overhaul of the nation’s immigration policy, including legalizing undocumented immigrants and more strictly fining businesses that hire illegal workers.

“Our immigration policy is national suicide,” Mr. Bloomberg said at a forum in Midtown Wednesday. “We educate the best and the brightest and then we don’t give them a green card—we want people to create jobs but we won’t let entrepreneurs from around the world come here.”

Joined by the CEO of Marriott (a big employer of illegal mexicans as low paid maids) and evangelical christian groups (like the Catholics, depleted of members and desperate for the new revenue from Mexicans), the group’s company is making a big push to “let them all come in here and work”

There’s just one problem. The genius prodigies that Bloomberg likes to harp on and on about are the exception not the rule. The real face of the illegal alien is the 4th grade educated Mestizo who is forty years old, married to a fifteen year old girl who already has four children by him, and she receives welfare and free housing for all their kids. His lawn mowing income is not recorded so they live a life of relative ease and luxury. And we pay trillions each year to support them already. Flooding America with 60 million of these would cost over 20 trillion dollars, money we absolutely do not have. So Mr. Bloomberg are you stepping up with the money to pay for all this?

Even the Partnership for a New American Economy – one based on thieves and crooks who will suck our welfare system dry – even their EXAMPLES are pretty despicable, like the person from Jordon whose government footed the bill for all their graduate education in America and then they complain that they can’t stay in America (even though they CAN get the visa) because then they’d have to repay all that debt back to Jordon. So that’s not even a failure of our current immigration plan. Another, an Icelandic woman, is able to get a O-1 visa to stay in America. So what’s the problem?

The problem is their robber barons are liars and scum. They want to plunge America into a new age of Darkness with 60 million more Mexican illegal aliens who will line up and suck our welfare dry.

Even giving green cards to the Indians with fake degrees to decimate our citizen software engineers is not ok. But this is what they push for.  Really? It’s ok to import 577,428 in 2012,  the twelfth year of economic depression when we only created 30,000 technology jobs. This is ok? It’s ok to import four million Indians with fraudulent credentials when there are only 4.5 million technology jobs total in the  nation? This is sane policy.

A few sob stories does not reality make. And all to often they drag out children ( wrongly and confusedly considered American citizens by birth with a misconstruction of the 14th amendment) separated from mehicano parents as a sob story. Well the parents are criminals who broke they law. They knew the law and they knew what they were getting into it is on the PARENTs heads not ours that their children suffer.

I have a few suggestion for immigration reform. First have congress announce that the 14th amendment does NOT will NOT nor has NEVER meant granting of citizens to invaders who skip over our borders.  Second, announce one year hard labor for any adult who is caught a second time as an illegal alien.  Within days, the flood across the rio grande will go the other direction without a penny spent. Is this so hard people!!!