Maria Hernandez was only ten years old when she swam across the Rio Grande, cut through the chain link fence, and scurried past the border lookouts. Like a thief in the night she quickly arrived in America and forged her social security papers and other federal identity documents, a mandatory two year prison term if caught. But none of that matters because Obama THINKS she deserves a happy life full of welfare money in America. There’s no LAW, everything illegal in illegal alien still remains, just OBAMA had a notion that he just believes she can stay. So stay she can and for half a million mehicanos drivers licenses and free housing are quick to follow. It’s winning the lottery by being a crook and that’s Obama’s style.


  1.     FAST and Furious – gave guns to mexican drug lords
  2.     Gave 23 Trillion to Fat Cat Bankers
  3.     Gave Billions of dollars to illegal aliens falsifying documents using the child tax credit
  4.      Gave Billions of dollars to hispanic and black “farmers” who never farmed a day in their life
  5.      Murdered an Ambassador in Benghazi
  6.      Spied on American Citizens
  7.      Signed the NDAA bill authorizing murder without trial of American Citizens
  8.      Established the TSA and Homeland Security Police State
  9.      Authorizes the use of torture on citizens
  10.    Funded and Armed Al-Ciaduh terrorists (then tried to pass a law a year later making that legal)
  11. Gave Amnesty to millions of Mexican invaders (with no writ from congress)’
  12. The actual murder of American citizens

“I am not an invader, this is Aztlan, my country. You Americans are dogs and we will drive you out!” spit Maria. Asked if she liked her free housing and her new drivers license she replied “Get out before we kill you!”

In other news, MOUNTAINS OF TRASH are piling up all over Los Angeles. Some are bags filled with human excrement as illegal aliens don’t have working water service. The stench is overwhelming so Los Angeles is now spending 10 million dollars to have bulldozers and huge trucks to drive around and try to clear some of the illegal aliens “happy presents for the rest of us”