There was a huge haunted house in Austin texas. Hundreds turned out peacefully to enjoy the fun halloween scare. But then a real scare emerged as car after car of blacks began to arrive. No not to got to the haunted house, they’d have to have a job to afford that, no they were there to beat up whitey. The youths aged from 17 to 26 years old.

Last year I handed out candy at home. At the beginning the darling white children would come by as princesses and angels, their moms in tow. They frighteningly reached for one pack of M&Ms. As they turned to leave and said thank you I’d always slip a second candy into their bag.

Then as the night wore on, dozens of vans and cars would descend on the neighborhood and black kids around 17 years old would come out. Many were not wearing costumes. One reached in and grabbed a handful of candies. Then reached back in again “for my brother” he smiled and laughed.

This year my house is dark. No candies even for the angels. The Niggahween has ruined things for everyone.