In San Francisco the apartments, although old and crumbling, and actually built often in the 20s and 30s, show what was standard for a lower middle working class family of the day. Eleven and twelve foot ceilings, entry foyers, wood floors, bay windows, and fairly large living and sleeping rooms. A one bedroom apartment can often be over 800 square feet even with quite abbreviated kitchens.

But when I saw the new apartments built in several cities it was shocking. The living rooms were so small you couldn’t fit a three seat and a two seat sofa in fact they were so small you could almost touch the walls from the center. The kitchens had no counter space whatsoever maybe a two square foot of shelf and were so small and crampt a winnebago would have been better. Low bathtubs suitable only for children and often only a simple shower was the order of the day even in 400,000 condos. What about the millions of people who like to take baths? Balconies were chopped to only three feet wide and if you were lucky eight feed long. Not any kind of space to entertain. Why was all this new construction being built for a slave class a horror to exist in?

It is done to force people into jewish usury loans on overpriced houses. And the government interest deduction on taxes colludes people into these situations where it is or should be better than apartment living.

In reality every new apartment can be built open and lovely with large balconies and large rooms. Often huge apartment complexes have massive pool areas, this is not an issue of land. And much of building costs are permits and design, so the actual labor costs of building proper apartments is small perhaps only 10% more to build apartments twice as big.

If our new apartments cannot even match great depression era housing, that’s a very sad statement on our society.