President Obama presided over four straight years of job collapse and no recovery in sight. And he got re-elected. He got re-elected because the republican party threw out Ron Paul’s notarized application and recommendation from five states to be a nominee. This is beyond high treason. Reince Preibus should never see the light of day ever again after such actions. We pretend that this is normal but it isn’t. The republicans claimed they are a private club and can do whatever they want. But since they receive federal tax dollars this isn’t quite true.


And now we have a jobs report that shows ONE MORE MILLION Americans out of work. This is economic ARMAGEDDON. This is just treason. The whole lot of them should be cast with stones.

But they created an artifical city for their headquarters, something which should be illegal. It means the only way we can protest them is to pay for an expensive trip. And they know that. We need to relocate the congress and president into a neighboring city – Philadelphia, New York, anywhere there are real normal people. Then the protests would be in the millions of people and they don’t want it.


While Obama plays wargames with Syria, Pelosi jacks off on gun control, and McCain tries to give 80 million illegal invaders total amnesty, our country is dying in a horrific god aweful state. It is SUB great depression, the great depression did not last 15 years. In fact they had good years every three or four years, it is in no way comparable to what we have gone through. With the exception of 2005, every year since 2000 has been a collapsing GDP when you account for real inflation.


The solution? More trillions and let offs for crimes for all those BANKERS who wont give small business loans or refinance struggling home owner’s loans.


This is death and end days for the nation they have hammered our nation so severely it will never recover.