99% of all our senators, congress, and president are corrupt Marxists and Communists. This is appalling. They need to be brought in for hearings and expelled from government like McCarthy did in the 1950s. McCarthy was criticized for poor tactics in investigating if someone was really a communist by association. They called it witch hunts. But the CIA later confirmed that the government had INDEED been infiltrated by communists so he was on the right path. But this time around there is no need to villify people by long ago associations it’s just so simple:


Question 1: Did you vote to allow the president to murder US citizens without a trial

99% of congress is guilty

Question 2: Did you vote to remove 4th amendment protections against search and seizure

99% of congress is guilty

Question 3: Did you vote for comprehensive immigration reform which entailed pardoning 80 million mexican invaders in this country

54% of congress is guilty

and on and on. it’s quite easy, direct facts right there in the voting records. So why aren’t all these communists thrown out of government for life? Why doesn’t this happen? Why have we lost all sanity in government? IT’s just a pile of pigs wolfing down dollars and shitting out piles of excrement for the rest of us to eat.