It is forbidden for the main stream media to ever mention the H-1B visa. Lou Dobbs did on his show and NINE private equity groups banned together, purchased Nielson ratings, and then surprise surprise his ratings “magically” had dropped to almost zero out of nowhere after they took over. This is big money and big power playing and it comes straight from the federal reserve trillion dollar abuse america fund.

If it is true that Obamacare crashed because it was subcontracted to Infosys and Cognizant – big Indian bodyshoppers who abuse the H-1B visa, then where is the press on the H-1B? Not one mention.

The H-1B is the visa that allows 577,000 Indians a year to enter the country with fake degrees and no experience and take the jobs from American engineers who are forced to train them on the way out the door. It is the most abused path to citizenship program ever created by congress.

On Indian worker recently blogged – “Yes it’s true we were in way over our heads. The two week training class I had in Hyderabad did not prepare me at all for the complexity we found when we got to America”

Much of the software is riddled with misspellings and total gibberish.

The H-1B visa has destroyed the lives of four million American software engineers, resulting even in death. Now Obamacare will destroy the lives of millions of Americans. When will the nation wake up?