h-1b burned alive

Newtown — A shocking display as three American software engineers sat down in the city square doused themselves with gasoline and set themselves on fire. A note left behind stated simply “The US Government has commited genocide against software engineers. They import over 500,000 Indian engineers with fake degrees every year while American software engineers starve in the streets. Indian mafias have taken control of placement agencies and management positions making it impossible for our best and brightest to find jobs. We have lost everything and have no other way to protest this criminal government’s actions that have destroyed the American software profession”

The string of American software engineer protest suicides is increasing. The first notable one – Kevin Flannagan – ocurred after he was replaced by Indians and forced to train them. He blew his brains out in the parking lot of his former employer.

The staffing agencies that dominate the job market are required since the IRS passed laws in the 90s making it illegal for software engineers to work for themselves – the only job class in the world for which this is true.

Other laws like taxing engineers on worldwide income makes it impossible to even go abroad for jobs and compete as the engineers they compete against are often working tax free and can offer lower rates.

Many are now starting to wonder if the whole economic collapse in America is due to the collapse of the software industry. Sure there are a few firms that got funded in boom times that are doing well and the recent Twitter IPO shows a few firms still punch through it and survive, but overall silicon valley is still a ghost town of abandoned buildings and closed companies.

The bigger question is how far does this have to go before it ever gets reported in the mainstream media – Henry Stack who flew a plane into the IRS building in Austin comes to mind. The mainstream media has a total media blackout on the H-1B visa, a visa which has brought in over four million foreign nationals for a job market sized at just 4.5 million. Thats a 90 % unemployment rate for our best and brightest, and that’s just economic suicide for the nation. Sure a few big fatcat MBAs will walk off with millions in bonuses for saving money, then slowly the company will falter and die as the cheap scab labor produces horrible results that resulted in things like the Obamacare fiasco, the delayed 787 dreamliner launch by Boeing, and countless other companies going bankrupt.

The powers in charge of America seem intent on a kind of Ukranian purge and starvation – bringing in 80 million mexican illegals and pardoning them while on the educated class using the H-1B visa to destroy their livleyhood.

It’s time for this corrupt harmful and horrific program to be canceled immediately. But as long as Bill Gates lies and tells sob stories about not being able to find a software engineer when over 2 million are unemployed and starving, this horror goes on.