The thing about the obamacare web site is it’s just a microcosm of Obama. It’s all his policies and all his thinking boiled down into one gestalt place. He hired an Indian CIO and CTO both with almost no experience and no formal degree in computer science (one had a correspondence course in the lesser MIS field). He watched as Insurance companies wrote the huge 10,000 page bill which was incomprehensible. He kept the bill secret from everyone breaking his campaign promies.


He farmed the work out to Indian companies Cognizant and Infosys and gave the work to Indians with fake degrees rather than highly skilled Americans

In short the failure of the Obamacare web site is the failure of globalist thinking. That all it takes is black or brown skin and a suit, there is no brain difference. Well sorry there IS a brain difference. And American and Russian engineers routinely win all the international competitions and Indians never even place. India’s top school – IIT – is ranked a 300th University not even in the running.  And those engineers who wrote obamacare didn’t even go to school most of them just like just as Obama lied to us on everything. In their third world mentality lying doesnt matter there is no morality and there is no difference – until it all comes crashing down.


Well come crashing down it did and Now Obama or Bari Malik X as I like to call him, must pay the price with removal from office. His only accomplishment his only legacy is burning up in flames.

Will they get it fixed? Doubful. They already gave MORE money to the corrupt companies who ruined it, rather then bring in Googls top AMERICAN WHITE engineers who could fix it.

At the end of the day it is Obama who must resign not Sebelius she is just the goat taking the orders from on top. These weren’t her decisions.