#1: The Coup was a cooperation of the CIA, Secret Service, The MOB, LBJ, and George HW Bush

#2: The shooters were multiple with one being in the building next to the book repository but on the third floor, and three shooters at the fence corner at the grassy knoll.

#3: Oswald was having lunch the whole time.

#4: The Warren Commision investigation was a setup and was staffed with people that JFK fired and hated him

#5: Alan Spectors magic bullet theory is utterly discredited

#6: The secret service is on film being ordered to get off of the presidents car just before they entered the shoot zone. One secret serviceman can be seen protesting the order

#7: The secret service broke into the hospital and stole Kennedy’s body at gunpoint. At that hospital they had a qualified doctor to perform the autopsy but it was never performed.

#8: While the body was in the secret service’s possession and on the airplane, a crazy surgery was performed to try to make it look like he was shot from the back and not from the front.

#9: LBJ’s first order given when on the plane to DC was to repeal JFK’s order to print it’s own money going around the federal reserve. This is very telling that this was an even bigger factor than the war interest in the murder of Kennedy

#10: Robert Kennedy was shot from Behind by his own people new forensic analysis showed. If Robert had become president the truth would have come out.


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