I lived in a quiet San Francisco neighborhood. It was neat and tidy well painted victorian houses. Everywhere people were friendly and good to each other. Then they remade the local high school into a charter school and began bussing blacks into the neighborhood. One day I turned the corner where the city bus line left to go south into the black and poverty zone of the city. The whole corner was a disaster. About a million paper wrappers were all over the street and bags of all kinds just sat there. To my horror a McDonalds had opened up – the smallest Mcdonalds in the nation some say – in order to serve junk food to the waiting blacks. And Mcdonalds wrappers were everywhere as well.

Then I watched as three black teens all tossed their bags right into the street. I had only seen pictures of streets like this in India and Africa. It is the black gene that brings blight and pestilence and not caring. In one african city they all go to the beach to take a shit and have destroyed their beach. This is something that would be unthinkable for whites. In Indian towns people shit in the streets. After a certain point you cant help but feel these are not humans but animals that need to be rounded up caged and returned to their shit strewn homelands. The should have no rights to be here slavery or not. It was Lincolns plan to return the slaves one has to wonder if it wasn’t a plot back then to destroy the nation.