The knockout game is an attack by a group of blacks who seek out a white or asian and especially female and elderly victims. The run up to them from behind and hit them full force in the back of the head. In one variant a taser is used. For the victims who often fall onto hard concrete smashing their heads and dying, this is no laughing matter. But for the blacks who see it simply as sport who have ZERO ethical compass inside their deformed low IQ brains which are genetically limited to having zero concept of good or decency (those are white qualities not low iq black or hispanic qualities) their response is to laugh. In one video a black of about 22 years of age punches an eighty year old man in the face and then laughs and laughs as he goes down.

Fox news recently began reporting these events after Drudge Report started posting them. But in their coverage the adult men are “youfs” and their skin color is “unknown” the victims who are almost all white their skin color is also unknown. Greta von Susteren had a full hour show without mentioning this was a racial hate crime by blacks against white people.

The first person to fight back from a knockout attack left two bullets in one of these youfs. It’s only a matter of time before they are struck dead as more and more whites wake up and carry firearms. Notice that the majority of attacks occur in gun free zones like Washington DC. and Philadelphia.

Ignoring the black revolts and hate crimes is part of the jewish agenda (who took over with Roosevelt and Eisenhower and the butchering and rape of the Germans after the war by siding with communist Russia) and this jewish agenda continues to today as our push to wars in the middle east against Iran and Syria and using our three billion dollars a year in aid to bribe our congressmen to vote their way or to launch huge attacks by thousands of jewish organizations against them in reelection campaigns AIPAC rules supreme in congress and DC. And the only way to break this circular hold of us giving them money and them using it to steal our congress is to stop their aid. They are a wealthy country they certainly do not need aid from us a poor broken nation broken by the jewish communist affront that took over with Kennedy’s death.

Well you have to see the knock out game as one piece of a death pie to the nation which includes the uncontrolled 80 million hispanic invasion, the four million h-1b indians with fake degrees to take technology and stem jobs from America, and the rampant legal immigration -all of this is the Jewish model of destroying the white christian majority in order to bring in Communism and Obama our first fully communist president (after wilson and Roosevelt well maybe he is the third or fourth) we are on a dangerous precipace of full communism. Much of our bill of rights is eviscerated and worse yet much of congress and senate has voted to destroy them.

Where does this leave us. Political solutions are impossible as when they threw away Ron Pauls formal five state nomination at the convention proves there can be no political solution. The source of the jewish power is the huge siphoning of wealth that happens with the federal reserve. Destroying the central bank is the positive first step to ending our hellish path which can only end with millions dead. From a simple hate attack against whites to the federal reserve, know your history and know who is behind all of it.