The crowd had been directed to enter into one area of the JFK Memorial service when suddenly the “Brute Squad” showed up – hourly paid sheriff’s deputies who have no badge numbers or names, many of them wearing balaclava to obscure their faces. Within minutes the brute squad of police deputies began pushing the crowd back violently and punching protesters, slamming one into a building several times. Women were grabbed and thrown as well.


One can’t help but notice how bad the sheriff’s deputies are at being crowd control. No Batons and standing in a perfect line, no gently easing the crowd back with batons across their chest, nothing coordinated, the one GOLD STAR police officer is probably from the actual sheriff’s department. And what’s with the 5′ tall chic trying to be a tuffie?

One wonders how bad things have to get before the citizens show up with a brute squad of their own armed with taser batons and clubs to teach the police a lesson. Tensions in America are getting razor thin and if the police continue to act like common criminals one day the crowd will snap and descend upon the police force. The real police officers of course make sure to stay well out of the way of this and look on as if its a amusement.