Digital cameras were decidedly like a japanese video game a whirl of beeps and tiny buttons and menu controls.  These were nothing like the 80 cameras and for many pro photographers the new gimmicks are hard to use. So much so people were paying 10-20,000 for a Leica german camera without all the chirps and plastic.


Now Nikon has listened and changed the game with the Nikon DF a camera for real photographers. Nikon had gone sooo digital they had even removed the aperture ring from their af-s lenses. With the DF and an older AIS or AF-D lens with a aperture ring, you have the controls back at your finger tips where they belong. Need a different aperture? Slide the aperture ring. In 1/10th of a second it’s there. Need a different shutter speed? Turn the shutter speed dial? It sounds stupid since that’s exactly what cameras have done since the 1920s but now we are so craving it the DF will retail for almost $3000 dollars.

Nikon is on the right path. Now if we could just get a digital rangefinder from them.