577,428. No big deal. That’s the number that the government approved for a H-1B visa in 2012.  There are only four million software jobs in America so every four years they utterly throw every last American engineer who doesn’t somehow manage to work for peanuts or survive in a hidden nook of a company.


Why is the American government committing genocide against the American software engineer. Why? Can anyone explain this?


Well the recession is over and unemployment is down says the gov. So its not a problem. But the truth is we are on a non stop 13 year horror collapse with zero job creation and the lowest worker participation percentage since the 1980s when women began to enter the workforce (aka the lowest EVER in american history)

The truth is its armageddon out there for job seekers and the ridiculously low wages attest to it.  A wage of 100 an hour in 1995 should bring 400 an hour in 2013. What’s the wage today? Oh they are trying to get workers for 60. Wait a second SIXTY? Less than half not even adjusted for inflation? HUH!


we live in a land where the people who went to junior party colleges and spend all their years DRUNK went out and became hedge fund noobs and marketeers and get 150,000 or even 500,000 salaries right out of college. This is the casino economy turned upside down. Lawyers sue government and doctors driving up health insurance so no one can afford it while they become millionaires like John Edwards. At every level people who actually have ideas and produce things are fucked over and given no help. There was ZERO money spent to help homeowners in the crisis and zero money to help Entrepreneurs. Instead they go to fund the SBA and other useless slackass programs which are only useful if you have a remedial IQ and wrote your business plan using CRAYONS.  Where is the money and grants to get business started? Where is it? I don’t see it. I don’t see one nickel. For banks – 30 trillion. For GM to move to China – 100 million. But for someone smart driven out of the job market – fuck you your fucked and we will fuck you hard. We will ride you hard until you are a broken mess. And we wonder why software engineers are lighting themselves on fire.


577,428. Check it out. That’s the truth. America is dead. I want a new country.