Well it’s official, by every measure we have eclipsed the great depression and entered what can only be called the Hyper Depression. Sure many Americans do not notice as they have jobs in army or government but the private sector has utterly collapsed in its ability to create jobs. If you ignore all the growth years of the great depression (we have only had one “neutral” year 2005 since the collapse of 2000) the great depression lasted from 1930 until we pulled out of world war two in 1946 that’s thirteen years. Then an age of prosperity began in America the likes of which we have never seen. But here we are in Obama’s seventh year of collapse and the thirteenth year of collapse has passed with no improvement in sight. The hideous administration points to 10 million Americans falling off the unemployment support and starving to death as “progress”.

Millions are now starving. Subsistence level food aid cards are being slowly decreased then inflated away. While long term invaders and abusers pile onto social security disability which pays $2200 per household Americans out of work get only $183 food cards, less than fifty dollars a week. Black teen girls have four babies by the time they are 18 to get free $2000 a month housing. it’s a game and they know how to play it. Mexican illegals pretend the wife isn’t married and with her 4 babies she also gets free housing and thousands in aid. Her husband mows lawns tax free. Often the wife is only 16 and the husband 45 years old, but that doesn’t matter because the marriage is never registered so they can scam benefits.

Month after month the Fed jew gangsta banking cartel prints a hundred billion dollars and the US gives them to Israel, the War Machine, the American Opression Engine – aka MRAPS for towns in vermont with only 500 inhabitants that haven’t had a crime in 100 years. Yep ol farmer john with 20 cows he needs 2″ armor plate and 400 federally paid goons to be there to arrest him just in case he decides that cow farmin ain’t as lucrative as bein American Al-Quaeda. This is what this criminal administration tells us with a straight face and we are supposed to believe it.

I heard an amazing thing on the Mclaughlin group about JFK. They said “Well if something other than the official story happened, someone would have spoken up by now” uhm errr errr you mean like the assasin’s deathbed confession by E. Howard Hunt or the startling revelations by LBJs mistress that LBJ had killed Kennedy.

We were taken into the police state through the total control of the media through hundreds of millions of dollars in individual and group bribes to cowtow the party lies. Because we have a fraud media where there is total censorship (look at Ron Pauls run for president – censored even when he won primaries) there was never a public discussion of 911 and all the technical problems with the government story. Like how did the AKARS system, the automatic transponders, show that there was a plane still in the air even after the supposed explosions? That’s a plausable F-up because it makes sense that with all their control of the radar system to mock data that day probably no one in the military would have thought about the AKARS logs. There are dozens of others. So the whole premiss about why we need jack booted thugs on every streetcorner and why our law abiding police have been replaced by johonny the gimp and knucles is a utter lie.

Meanwhile the Obama administration takes us into the Hyper Depression without nary a clue what to do. Print more money to cover the outrageous bills. Hundreds of thousands of Americans including 20 million blacks fleeing welfare reform have piled onto the social security disability rolls bankrupting that program and of course eventually shutting down social security itself. What else can they do?

Obama has not established ONE program which actually forestalled foreclosures, forced banks to produce the deeds, or gave them real fines for their criminal acts – no JP Morgans 13 billion is just a slap on the wrist how about 100 billion and jail time for the top execs? Until others see handcuffs the grifting continues. They see the world as suckers ripe for the rape. And why not?

Obama has not established one grant program to help entrepreneurs get started. Nothing. Small business is the engine of job growth. The next apple is dying on the vine.

It’s time to leave America and look over our shoulders at the collapse and wonder if they will ever wake up and revolt in the streets and take down the totally illegitimate and unelected fraud government goon squad. So far no one has budged. The gentile middle class is too busy trying to stay warm living out of their cars and the Obama administration knows that a poor and broken middle class cannot fight back.

Obama will leave one legacy – no advanced first world country will ever again consider putting a black in charge. Is that racist? It’s just the truth.