Amazing man stands up to government and gets let go. Finally they return him to court, handcuff him, put him in an observation room and the jury decides to fine him $150 dollars. So much for liberty. Don’t kill the kings deer. Where did we hear that? Oh yeah, Robin Hood. The man isn’t well spoken and only has it half right.  The all caps legal name argument… its questionable where that comes from other than convention.  I think in the end an argument can be made now that the US government is illegitimate that obeying it and paying taxes to it is ridiculous. Why are they illigitimate?

1) They murdered 3000 US citizens on 911

2) They take us to foreign wars on false pretenses murdering millions

3) The took Ron Paul’s formal nomination papers and threw them in the trash the the government powers through money printed by the federal reserve paid huge bribes to the media not to cover the Ron Paul campaign. This makes our entire political process a charade.

Since our country was founded on no taxation without representation, surely that argument applies now?

He goes on “We are the aborted children of the American Nation”

the days of blood are neigh and near….. jackbooted thugs slam little girls to the ground and ram their fists up their vaginas…. our government murdered 3000 American citizens on 911 and millions more in fake wars of oppression against iraq, afghanistan, egypt, libya, and syria for which there is zero evidence.  They threw away Ron Paul’s official nomination papers. At that point our entire government became illegitimate and we have taxation without representation and are under a tyranny not free people. The day to rise up is yesterday. We can only ask will America just sink and slump quietly into horror and darkness or are there any men yet among us? One more jackbooted thug slamming one more little girl into the pavement and this whole nation can explode. Still the masses and millions go through the airport molestation prison centers. It’s a simple word but no one has yet the courage to speak it. The word is NO. NO MORE will we be driven like slave cattle by inept murdurous and corrupt leaders. Are you a pig to the slaughter or a free man. That is the question Tertelgte has asked us.