some facts.

fact one: the europanic people (aka white) are the high IQ people on the planet and produce the majority of 140+ IQ people who then produce the majority of breakthroughs and inventions which advance our society

fact two: race mixing producing a “mestizo” produces offspring which have a likelihood of the average IQ of both parents. However, the rare offspring, the 140 IQ + offspring, are completely nullified and never occur. So while a 160 IQ europanic may mate with a 70 iq nigerian and produce a 115 IQ mestizo, the odds are much more that it will only be a 100 iq mestizo and the 140iq offspring will never occur

fact three: The non europanic races reproduce wildly in scarcity while the europanic races practically ceases to reproduce. This means that as societies like the USA fail, it’s black and indian and hispanic flocks will continue to produce 6-20 children each regardless of ability to care for them. This has a dysgenic effect and eventually the europanic population is eradicated which all trend lines show is happening in America. By 2050 more than 50% of America will be non-europanic whereas in 1960 only 10% was.

fact four: non – europanic peoples are violent dangerous crime ridden and filthy at a prevelance level 20-1000 times higher than europanics and with regard to rape may be 100,000 times more prevelant.

fact five: non-europanic invaders GAME the welfare systems with undeclared marriages or multiple births to ensure top priority for free housing or faking disabilities, all these programs are going bankrupt in america leaving zero help for the indiginous europanic peoples who built the nation. This is horrific

fact six: blacks in africa, indians in india, chinese in china all are going through massive population booms. Only europanics measure their reproduction in scarcity. Flooding these countries with “refugees” from the filth war and horror that their dna causes, only produces the same horrors in the host country. They are effectively parasites that eventually kill the host

fact seven: Multiculturalism is death for any europanic/white nation for these reasons. It simply cannot survive

fact eight: discussing factual differences is called racism by the invading parasitic class and by communist and marxist whites who seek to destroy the society. This concept of destroying the europanic society is especially prevelant AMONG JEWS and it has been their strong ideology for over 100 years among jewish leadership

fact nine: Giving the central bank of the united states (the fed) interest charges amounting to half a trillion a year gives the jews ample money to push this destructive multicultural agenda and not until the fed is ended and debt free money returns to the united states, directly issued by the treasury as lincoln (assassinated) and kennedy (assassinated) and andrew jackson (almost assassinatedonly survived because the gun poking in his ribs misfired) did.

fact ten: Where there is a JAPAN for japanese people, a CHINA for chinese people, and an AFRICA for black people (congo, sudan, etc), why can there not be ONE COUNTRY ON EARTH for europanic people. Why MUST we support this huge onslaught of resource draining violent peoples who wreck our otherwise pleasant genial society?

Our Europanic society was designed so that one worker supported 1/4 of a person in retirement with 10% of their income and 1/4 of a poor person with 10% of their income. So for 100 working people, a society with 25 retired and 25 poor would work fine. But in a multicultural society 50% do not work. 50 workers can only support 12 of the 25 retirees, so the benefit (social security) gets cut to half of a living wage. and 90% of the poverty support gets gobbled up by blacks and hispanics on there “gimmedat” rape the system ideology coupled with black affirmative action workers who staff the government positions that give the handouts and routinely short the white people.

In a multicultural society, our elderly white people starve and suffer, our poor get no aid, and the working class gets hammered with high taxes, violent assaults and rape. We can do better. There should be a choice. If you are an educated college degreed individual you should be allowed to migrate to the europanic country of your choice that does not let in the mistizo races and does not have the burden of them. Even in America our states should split … california for the hispanics and welfare billions, Georgia and Louisiana for the blacks, and a few states for europanic peoples. But with the federal income tax policy, there is no excape, we are all slaves to the invaders and while the blacks were brought here as slaves, and wouldn’t survive a week repatriated to africa, we need to move them to a state where their damage is limited. The federal income tax has to be abolished. The states were free before Lincoln. If they don’t become free again, its time for our best and brightest to flee to a free europanic nation. But like the south african whites or the german family fleeing to be able to home school, no nation has yet stepped up to the plate and recognized white asylum. This is a crime and is a despicable black mark on the history of these times.