When the evil banks refused to help people with their mortgage Obama set up two programs to help homeowners to reduce the bad press from all the foreclosures. The first program HAMP – aims to reduce mortgage payments to working families and the second – the Unemployment foreberance program aims to give the unemployed a 12 month break to find time to get a job and get back on their feet.

Recently however, the mortgage companies, especially CHASE, which was just fined 13 billion for criminal mortgage practices and deception, continues to throw poor homeowners into the street. One woman – Sally Rockington – applied for a HAMP modification. She was rejected because she was unemployed and had no income. So she applied for the unemployment foreberance program, she was rejected. Why? Because she was unemployed and had no income. “This goes against the spirit and meaning of the program, Chase is just MEAN” she screamed.

Worse than that, CHASE will often dangle these programs out to people and suggest them in the first place, exhaust the home owner with miles upon miles of paperwork requirements, and ultimately run the clock out so that they can take the peoples houses.

This is despicable, if this were China the entire management would be taken out back and shot. But this is criminal America where no one every really cares.