Thousands of American software engineers are homeless others are dead and still others are shell shocked PTSD shambling mounds of shock unable to fathom what happened to their career after their ivy league education and best of the brightest worked 100 hours a week without complaining best of the best.

Well Obama happened to them, and his policies which throw away America’s best and smartest STEM graduates in favor of cheap slum dog labor with fake degrees and fake resumes. It’s called the H-1B visa and it has ruined the lives of six million Americans in the technology field so far. Companies, usually not software companies but big companies which use a lot of software tech people – like Dell, Adobe, Qualcom – throw away hundreds of American software and IT specialist and bring over on contract (ILLEGAL on the H-1B visa but hey who cares when you have a president willing to commit treason five different ways to sundown – pardoning illegal aliens, giving machine guns to mexican drug lords, giving howitzers to al-quaeda terrorists in syria, you really think he’s gonna care about Americans?

How many jobs did Obama see fit to give away in the thirteenth year of the greatest economic depression the nation has ever known? How about 577,428 in 2012 alone. That’s just one year. Now multiply by TEN and you get a good idea of the invasion.

Now these people on contract, they get paid a “expense” wage when over here and a HIDDEN wage back in India. After five years the 50% who do leave go back and buy a huge home tax free. The rest just stay forever adding to the millions and millions of slum dogs with fake degrees that now have the job that hard working Americans once had. But it doesn’t end there.

Because the IRS in the 1980s passed a law forbidding American software engineers from working for themselves – yes that’s right, it’s the only profession which is called out for such treatment by the IRS – a huge industry of placement agencies has sprung up and these ALSO have been taken over by Indians. And the Indians usually make sure that no matter what, other Indians get the jobs.

This is why even though they’ve applied to thousands of job openings Americans are getting no where. The american software engineer has been raped folded spindled and mutilated by the government.

And what now. Well there’s no recovery without software. And there’s no new companies without Americans being able to contract at high enough rates to make some decent savings. So the whole economy spirals down down down down down down.

Print another trillion Auntie Yellin, it won’t matter, America has betrayed its intelligentsia and they are leaving the country in droves, off to Asia where they appreciate smart people and the value they add to the country. You wanted the beaners and nacho eaters and the illiterate blacks, well you gotten baby have fun trying to build a first world nation with them or keep the power on (like Argentina, South Africa, and other anti free countries found out).