Week after week thousands are now dying, killing themselves facing economic ruin by a government that not only does not care but actively seeks the economic ruin of its citizens so that it can bring in full communism. Obama has not one program for entrepreneurs but he has hundreds to fund fluff agencies like the SBA that do nothing. He gave 30 trillion dollars to bail out casino bankers but zero to bailout struggling homeowners. And no, you don’t qualify for any help for any of the programs like HAMP or Unemployment Forbearance IF YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED.

Meanwhile, flooding the nation with 30 million illegal Mexicans is a good thing because that dilutes the citizens vote. And yes they do vote if they are illegal, as well as protest for in state college tuition. Talk about an invasion.

But that’s not enough to cripple the nation in the 13th year of economic super depression and dollar devaluation, no he brought in 577,428 Indians with fake degrees to take away all the technology and stem jobs as well. “It’s important that these jobs be given to those foreigners who come here and get a degree” said a lackadaisical Obama in a recent speach.

Week 155 of the greatest depression ever know – Let’s cut unemployment benifits

Week 156 of the greatest depression ever known – Let’s throw our best and brightest in the streets and laugh at them

Week 157 of the greatest depression ever known – Let’s not allow our citizens to work for themselves if they are engineers that way they will die faster!

Week 158 of the greatest depression ever known – Opps looks like the banks blew all their trillions at the casino again, lets give them zero percent interst loans for a few trillion while our citizens get laughed at and told they cannot get a HELOC loan with less than a 700 credit score


Ha ha ha ha aha aha fuck you american citiens you are the dumbest fucks on earth. You stayed in a nation that does nothing but prey on you and rape you over and over and over again. Haa ha ha ha.


If you have a brain you will be leaving america as fast as you can.