It’s Obama’s dirty little secret. Over 20 Million American’s are not counted as unemployed. They are just lazy. The favorite tag line is “They have stopped looking for work” which of course is a lie. No for 20 million Americans who have fallen off the unemployment rolls the situation is dire. To go from a high position in society to facing homelessness because we have a president who is off playing golf in Hawaii for 17 days rather than doing a damn thing about the economy is madness.

Many Americans are deciding that a gun is the right response to having their life worth thrown away by a society gone mad. Never before has government just abandoned millions of struggling Americans. Want section 8 housing? Ha there’s a line 4 miles long of black women with babies who get preferential treatment. Want to get welfare? HA! You’ve still got a house you can’t get that until you are homeless. What about WIC, SNAP? Nope you wont get those either! Most blacks and hispanics spend the year or 2 to get disability for “depression” or a bad back or my personal favorite, being learning disabled (which 99% of blacks are from birth simply because they are a low IQ race. Not that there is anything WRONG with blacks other than their low IQ and lack of critical thinking and propensity to violence and rape. Blacks are still great musicians, great runners. It isn’t that we are Anti-Black, but we are exhausted carrying the weight of this fractured race that has so many disabilities and problems that they just don’t work mixed with a white race that wishes to have altruistic programs like welfares. Like the cuckoos egg, they push the white eggs out and take all the sustenance for themselves while our own children starve. This is the problem of the black race. )

IT’s game over America, especially WHITE America. This system has set up so many taxes and life pumps to drain you dry you don’t have the wealth or savings to make it unemployed. And with housing not increasing in value, most Americans are basically facing death. Get out of here as soon as you can because by next year 40 MILLION Americans will be living in tents and under bridges.