Unlike other economic recessions where the not very educated tend to get bumped off the bottom of the workforce, this recession is different. This is the first recession where college educated hard working motivated producers have been kicked to the curb. This dwindling supply of producers is what is causing the required quantitative easing by the Fed (private banking cartel).

Normally a government would never turn against it’s producers. Doing so would add a trillion dollar debt or more. But it looks like Obama’s logic is One Trillion Two Trillion Three Trillion what’s the difference it’s all a lot of zeros to me. Since the FED just prints the money to pay the bills having working citizens just isn’t needed anymore.

Well then why continue to have taxes? Well that’s to ensure that the middle class is destroyed and reduced to poverty. They print the money and give it to the bankers but not to the people. The people wither and die and the banks prosper. Eventually the REAL economy is replaced with the Marxist soviet style economy where people show up to work but don’t do much. Nothing gets produced and eventually the shelves run bare. That’s where America is headed.

Wait you say, how can Obama make such a colossal mistake? Well remember he has never held a real job or run a company in his life. In his life everything just gets handed to you for being black or part of the evil doers. So if you are struggling, it must be because you aren’t black or evil enough. In fact he told his soon to be wife Michelle to apply to Princeton. When she responded she didn’t have the grades he replied – Doesn’t matter, you got Black-U-Card. With Black-U-Card reality doesn’t matter it just doesn’t matter. And sure enough he was right.  Later Michelle had to turn in her law degree after only a few years for criminal activities but, once again it just didn’t matter. A job was created for her – Diversity Coordinator – and with it a huge 335,000 a year salary. Once again black-U-card was working just fine.

When Bill Gates and Facebook CEO – uhhh hwats his name – came to Obama and said – “We’d like unlimited fraud computer labor from india, you know people with fake degrees we can hire for pennies and keep as slave labor” Obama was there to give it to them – 577, 428 slave workers with fake degrees in 2012 alone.  Now that the software industry is absolutely gutted, people are pouring into med schools. That’s where Obamacare comes in. Paying only $29 for an office visit, most of these people who dont end up as plastic surgeons in Malibu (their vast hope) will go broke.

Now the baby boomers are retiring, but instead of having all their deposits Obama spent it all on war. No problem its Black-U-Card again, just charge it Obama says, and the FED will print enough to cover all of it.

Except slowly our inflation ticks past 10% a year and our dollar starts to buy only half as much as it did five years ago while salaries stay the same. The counties can’t pay for all their STASI police thug force. No problem, just RAISE property taxes on all the workers. They have jobs right? Suddenly there is no such thing as private property in America with 5% going to mortgage interest and 5% going to property taxes, every five years you are paying HALF the value of your house just to rent it. This is NOT private property.

No problem, Black-U-Card again, we can bail out the banks when all the mortgages fail. No worries. So the banks are doing great and flush with cash. But people can’t afford to buy cars now. No worries, give GM 30 billion. IT’s Black-U-Card there’s no limit. Even if GM takes the money and moves it’s factories and jobs to China.

At some point the middle class just ups and dies. That’s what we are seeing this year and in 2014 we will have 20-40 million MILLION middle class people falling over financially.

There is no political solution. They proved that by ignoring Ron Paul’s formal nomination papers at the convention. That means it’s gonna be a bloody revolution when it breaks which should happen by 2016 when enough of America is starving to death after a lifetime of going to the best colleges and working 80 hour weeks. At some point, Black-U-Card will run empty and “Transaction Not Approved” will ring out across the land.