$1.11 million dollars.

That’s one tiny example of the cost of black America. They didn’t install them correctly however, the urine detection system should LOCK the elevators door and warn security. That way they can ARREST these scum.

A view inside a typical MARTA train… these are the people who have decide urinating in public is a freedom Rosa Parks fought for…

$1.11 million dollars spent on a urine detection system for Atlanta’s mass transit system, MARTA (Moving Africans Rapidly Through Atlanta). At a cost of $10,000 per urine detection device (UDD), all 111 elevators in the MARTA system will soon be outfitted to dissuade the transit riders – 74 percent of whom are black – from using public property as a commode.

$1.11 million dollars spent on a UDD system, because the black population of Atlanta who rides MARTA are incapable of engaging in civilized, first-world behavior. [Urine detection system installed in Atlanta transit station elevator, Atlanta Journal Constitution, 12-19-13]:

The city of Atlanta is looking to clean up the image, and the odor, of its transit system.
Many of its elevators have doubled as restrooms and smell like it. That’s about to change with first-of-its-kind technology which catches “offenders” literally — with their pants down.

“The smell hits you so bad. You hold your breath just to hurry up and get off the elevator,” said Alicia Porter, a rider on a Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA) train.

MARTA elevators have a smelly reputation. To get to the train, you often have to ride in a urinal first.

“If you’ve ever been in a Porta Potty, that’s what it smelled like before,” said MARTA Director of Elevators/Escalators Tom Beebe.

Beebe is working to clean up the image and the odor of MARTA elevators by launching a pilot program in an elevator in one of the Midtown stations. They asked local media to not say which one.

There are 111 elevators in the system. Beebe said they were having problems here every day. But not anymore.

“If somebody was to urinate in here, there’s going to be a splash factor. It would splash and it would sense,” Beebe said.

It’s a urine detection device, called UDD. If a person relieves her or himself , the sensors sound the alarm and the MARTA police will be there in seconds to catch the offender in the act. There is also better lighting and a camera catching all the action. The pilot program has been in place for a month, and that daily problem dropped to one incident, in which an arrest was made. Next month, MARTA will begin installing sensors in other elevators, with the goal to have them in all 111.

It’s going to cost MARTA about $10,000 to outfit each elevator with the urine detection device. This week, they also reopened restrooms at four stations, so they hope that will help with the problem.

This is why public transportation in America can’t work.

It’s that simple.

When money that should be going to improve the technology surrounding the metro system is diverted to install a urination detection system, you should immediately understand you no longer live in a first-world country.

It should be recalled that government jobs, be it MARTA, employment with the City of Atlanta, or Fulton County (where much of MARTA is located) is the primary avenue for blacks to enjoy a middle-class existence. [Suburbs fight ‘taxation without representation’: Atlanta forecast to become ‘Detroit of the South’, 3-11-2013]:

 MARTA, which is funded via tax revenue collected from Fulton and DeKalb counties, has a worker force of 4,527 employees, with 83 percent being black.

Of 50 employed dispatchers, only one is not black; 96 percent of the 1,227 operators are black; 100 percent of the recruiters are black; 85 percent of the 42 MARTA representatives are black; 94 percent of 295 people employed in services are black; 95 percent of the station agents are black; 84 percent of the superintendents are black; 88 percent of the 171 supervisors are black; and 82 percent of the transit police are black.

Life in a majority-black city, where political life is run by (and for the improvement/betterment of) black people, requires urine detection devices being installed throughout the MARTA to the tune of $1.11 million.

If you want to understand the true legacy of Rosa Parks to the public transportation throughout America, the need for a urine detection system in MARTA is it.