In Britain they finish their university up in 3 years and a masters can often be had in one year. That’s four years, and you have rights to teach at a university.  In America things are hopelessly slower – 4 years to get that undergrad and then two years to get to a masters. A Phd is another two or three years. What’s going on here?

First there are three classes of schools. The rich kids schools, the Torture schools, and the rest. The rich kids schools are the IVY league, the formal one. There are only eight of these.  If you are going to go and aren’t rich you’d better be black or hispanic cause otherwise the endless pedigree items required in high school and endless proctoring and tutoring for the SAT while keeping a near perfect grade point average is rarely achievable by most students. The second tier – the torture tier – is for the smart kids who didn’t have the connections to the rich class to get that letter that lets them get in (like Obama had for Harvard). Note: MIT and CalTech are not ivies.  There are only about 15 of these. These schools don’t teach so much as torture the hapless students to death so that by the time they finish the four (OR FIVE!) years of undergrad education they are broken shells. Ready to be slaves in the workplace.  This is very different from the true ivies where rich kids get As just for breathing. Most of the kids from the torture schools have rich enough parents to go on to med school, law school, or the MBA.  The students who studied drama usually end up unemployed or frighteningly rich in Hollywood.


The rest of the colleges in America are basically useless. Places to go to get screwed for four years. Sorry it’s true.


But here’s the big question how can it possibly take more than two years to learn everything? You would think that in two years you could learn the liberal curricula and in two more become a full on doctor or lawyer. Why is it dragged on and dragged out? It becomes torture to the high iq high achievers.

We’ve become so formal. Abe Lincoln was a lawyer but he never went to law school. Being a doctor was more like a book club that met on wednesdays.  Was all the formalism really needed or was it a way to set up a system of control by Rockefeller?


The American educational system is just a weigh station to corral our best and brightest. Every one of these super smarties would do much better being able to take their 200k for school and start their own business.