An interesting reader chimes in… Does America still make wife material or just Mylee Cyrus Tongue twerking she sluts?

The inherent betraying nature of women. They are basically capricious and emotion-based children who want kings and queens and peasants and serfs. They want all the thinkers and creators to stay in their lowly place and they want the assholes to rise to their rightful place of total domination. They will always ditch their men in favor of the WINNERS, whoever they may be. They must not be allowed to vote because a nation is created by men who fought for a geographic space in which to work and breed with their women; lest other men conquer them and take their women. The moment women are given the right to vote (among other rights) is the moment they start working for unfair advantages over their men and figure that their men are in fact pussies for letting them vote and want “better” men.

Your idea that a “liberal black man is simply unassailable” reminds me of a Larry David episode where he directs his perennial worthless black moocher friend Leon to wear glasses because white people will always fawn and submit to this ridiculous bullcrap image.

Yes, kneeling is BIG. If “Superman II” has taught us nothing else, it is that. But I would much rather kneel to a super awesome bearded Kryptonian than the Leons of the world. I’d also prefer Skeletor.

Yes, Tancredo was light years ahead of everybody. If there were any sanity left in this country, that man would have been president. His basic platform was “No Arabs and No Beaners.” And guess what? That would solve virtually all our problems.

I somewhat disagree that the average white guy wants “change” or “social churning”. The ones with the brains to invent things and make themselves rich certainly do; and they deserve to have that power of economic revolution. But the average white guy (including the smart ones) are not going be reinventing the wheel and all they really want is an economic field that is fair to their skills and education and MOST IMPORTANTLY a social field where women are attainable and most of them aren’t sluts, bitches, and lunatics. They want wife and mother material and this country doesn’t make that any more.

Wont scarcity make these ‘bitches’ long for the nerdy tech days??

Yes, it sure will. But it will be too late by then.

Once the economic collapse happens, a lot of middle aged white nerds will have no interest in white feminists. We’ll smile and wave to them as they’re being gang-raped by street thugs. I sure as hell won’t lift a finger to help them.

In 1953, about 14 percent of adult men were out of the labor force-around one in seven. Today 30 percent are neither working nor seeking work-nearly one in three. Of course this isn’t broken down by race if it were it would show that our productive white workers are slowly being replaced by blacks and hispanics who are leeches on the system