Yah this patriot thing and rightie smightie and jolly dodger and all that. We fight and get nowhere while they get more bloated and raise taxes and laugh at us. Well it’s time to say just screw it lets all work for the police state. I for one want to be at least a Major and to get a spiffy uniform. A nice club for beating the great unwashed mexicans and blacks and lets just degrade into some psychotic mess of a nation that produces nothing and gives nothing to its citizens while taxing them blind. Blind I tell you.

There are upsides to joining the HOMELAND. There’s minions always theres some sad schlubs who are even lower than you are for you to boss around and kick. Don’t forget the parties and free Ukranian whores. Don’t mind me if I avoid the child prostitutes, nothing personal just never got turned on by a six year old. But yeah, I can see staying drunk for the next twenty years while tyranny works it way out of the system. I mean eventually they wont be able to find anyone as hideous as Janet Reno, Napolitano, or Kagan. How many of them can there be?

We definately have to get nice cars, at least a Maserati. a budget big enough for the wife and kids and then at least 2 ladies on the side. And for the most part it will be ok. Beating up free-speachers who stray from their free speach boxes, stopping the few protestors who demand no hands up their buttocks at airports, it’s cushy mushy job really. Crack a few noses and its home to pork the wife.

I for one am GLAD we have descend into a police state. It’s a happy time for all of us. Now where’s my badges and bling.