After importing 577,428 software engineers last year and for each year the decade before that, American software engineers – whats left of them – have mostly all killed themselves. Facing a market flooded with H-1B slave workers with fake degrees and fake resumes willing to work for 10 dollars an hour to get US citizenship, no matter how bad or horrible they are as programmers, the US criminal corporations keep swallowing them up while at the same time throwing American software staff into the streets.

“It’s a Win-Win for Microsoft” said Baighur Jangladesh, “We get cheap labor and since everyone speaks Hindi our communication is much easier”

Obama has responded to this crisis situation by declaring “We need to open the floodgates and bring in every last Indian with a fake degree who wants to work in America”. That’s the gist of the changes to the comprehensive reform bill he is pushing in Congress.  Booring old generation companies like Microsoft are having a hard time attracting workers, especially in 800,000 a house seattle. So they say there are NO american software workers to be had which isn’t true. If they offered living wages the workers are out there by the millions struggling through unemployment.

Lastly, as reported in the article Are the Big Banks Killing America? one only has to look at what is going on. The level of unemployment is approaching 24% according to many in the independant media using unaltered government figures. may soon announced that we have actually exceeded 24%.

Week after week Americans die, their lives ruined by a government intent on f-ing them over.  The second great depression has officially begun.