Its going to all happen again. This time Italy will hit crisis mode making Spain and Greece small potatoes. Rumor has it for the past year 1000 tons of gold have headed to Chin to hush them up. The banks are all in massive derivitives which sy that interest rates cannot rise, and they are right they can’t not without triggering end times.

In 2012 some criminal bnker will blink and the house of cards will fall down. It might start with European banks but the new secret bailoits effectively made u bnks the insurer of Europe.

America will be plunging economically down down. Today six million have fallen off unemployment help and are now starving. Some recovery

Its the end times. If you like blood stay everyone else should get out of America as fast as possible.

The is a lot of charity work to be done. Buy a dozen hershy bars and drop them off at a small neighborhood for bank. It will mean a lot to have a break from canned beans. Hot coco mix, big cans of Hormel chili of name brand baked beans. Donate bacon, butter frozen pizzas. You’ll feel good and trust after spartan fare it will cheer up struggling families.

End game is here. I’m terrified.