America has lost its worlds largest trade partner status to China. This is something that would have sounded impossible to some on in the 1970s. By overspending on our military and the terror state by two trillion dollars a year we may end up withe the biggest army, but we will be broke and China will simply buy us.This strategy of military is everything while jthe middle class takes an army, tsa, or other thug job to survive, can only end in horror. Already China is silently buying up Americas ports and roads and houses and skyscrapers. They are wheeling and dealing to buybvast tracts of land and move Chinese over here. The sale of long beach harbor should have woken us up. But it seems nothing will sway the madmen in control.

The purchase of housing and apartment buildings is especially scary. They will reduce us to starving serfs paying china rent while living in our own country. Already we do that with our criminal debt. No every incombent in the congress and senate barring Paul and Cruz need immediate removal, others like Lindsey, McCain,Feinstein, these people need to be taken straight to jail for treason.

And the big question is. Will we suffer another fake presidential election after they the Paul’s nomination papers onto the floor of the convention and stomped on them? Will anyone ever be dumb enough to got demothug or re-thugrican again?

Meanwhile my bank tells me that I can’t get a loan because the city of San Diego thugs stole my car illegally and I said ENOUGH. Turns out they were found guilty in municipal court of raking the charges on parking tickets. I tried to explain to the bank that THEY are the criminals and the female banker nearby starts to snicker. Its all a big joke to the unawake. No I’m removing myself from all debt and all use of the banking system. Pay my utilities at the grocery with cash. Keep my money in y bitcoinwallet. I’m done with the thieves. And I’m done with debt even for a primary residence its a high risk losers game where you put up everything and stand to lose everything. Nope I’m out. Sick of it.

Oh I was at chase bak today also. Turns out they kept a lein on my property four years after they illegally closed my credit line during the collapse. Turns out I have to pay a twenty six dollar fee to get the lein off. Hows that for rubbing your face I it. They illegally close the account then charge me money to close it!!!!! IM DONE TELLU IM DONE!!!!!!!Am