Real America, that is to say the one that’s now gone forever, had a very different contract with its citizens. If you wanted to stay in the wealthy colony big cities you’d pick a trade and apprentice, there were no student loans and college was rich people stuff. If you had more of a free spirit you’d he’d west and stake out some territory and just file a claim. Then the land was yours and no property taxes to take it away neither.

You’d cut down trees of exchange labor for dollars and get refined planks at the sawmill. Your first house might be a leantoo but it was yours. No income or property taxes and you had the right to defend your land with your rifle.

Whoring and drinking while driving were legal, so were opiates. Long as you hurt no one else.

Your house would get nicer every year there would be improvements. Finally you’d leave it to your kids.

Today life is a hamster on a wheel to pay the constant taxes… get sick and they take everything

The smart people need to take their chips off the table and. Run. I hear the beaches in Uruguay are nice this time of year