30 year old John Verrier checked into the emergency room of St. Barnaby hospital at 10:30 pm. He checked out at six am a dead blue corpse.
The nurses are Mexican because they are now forced to be bilingual although that makes no sense either why on earth are we accommodating our own invasion. Its very likely they help their own invading kind get in first. Has there been an investigation? Nope. Even if there was its hard to think they would find the obvious truth no we need Gerald there and a sting operation he still speaks Spanish doesn’t he?

During his eight hour weight dozens of illegal aliens ere seen before him, many who go to the ER for everything from prescription refills to diaper rash.

He is a victim of all those paid off but the Jewish lobby which seeks to decimate white America by flooding the nation with non whites and every last democrat in congress has been paid off

Where did all this money to destroy os come from? Why from us of course, the federal reserve bank, a private Jewish bank, sucks trillions out of our economy every year, the money trickles back in bribes to congressmen.

The Jewish lobby has destroyed every nation that gave it quarter now its our turn. The loss of our excellent ER system is just the start.

And no this is not the mad ravings of a Jew hater, I love many Jewish people, but a psychotic mentally I’ll leadership at the top has been pushing to destroy America as a white nation for over a hundred years. Every time you hear comprehensive immigration reform uttered, that’s their dollars speaking. Their theory is that the extermination of the Jews during wwii was caused by the mostly white German nation. To counter that they seek to flood America with as many immigrants – non white immigrants that is – as possible.

So another fatal victim falls to their crazy logic. As do all our poor who no longer get much help now that Juanita and her six babies have arrived all sixty million of them all on the dole.

The Jewish concept of money, that its to be used in usuary to enslave and control nations is behind all of this. Where is the pope speaking out? Nowhere he’s busy converting his churches into Spanish now that real Christians have fled after the child groping scandals.

Buckle up its only going to get worse.