It’s happened again, a white girl refuses a blacks advances or tries to break it off and ends up dead. When oh sally will these dumb brainwashed white girls learn. Sad to say they almost deserve to die except you realize that their blind brainwashed ignorance about blacks is a concerted effort of full steam propaganda to make all white people think brown and black people are just like they are, while they flood the nation with them destroying us. Its a huge arm of the propaganda wing of the zionist banker cartel set to reduce America to a shambles. In its wake, countless dumb teen girls who are easily brainwashed.

In the recent Mall Of Columbia shooting, a black teenager walked into a mall with a shotgun, killed two white people his own age, possibly because he’d been rejected by a white girl in favor of a white man.

The male shooter, who has been identified as Darion Marcus Aguilar, 19, of College Park, Maryland died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound after the attack.[6][5][2] According to WBAL, the gunman was Brianna Benlolo’s ex-boyfriend, and Tyler Johnson and Benlolo were engaged.[7] Aguilar had previously raced in the 2009 Marine Corps Marathon, and in the Montgomery County Public Schools’ senior directory he listed his future plans as ‘Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland.[8][9] He graduated from James Hubert Blake High School, Silver Spring, Maryland, in June 2013.[10]