Its armageddon out there, the zionist banker cartels are intent on flooding America with brows especially mexicans and Indians from India. First they destroyed the software industry passing laws forbidding engineers from working for themselves.Indian body shops came in and made sure all the jobs went to indians with fake degrees, brought over on the h-1b a whopping four million of them 600,000 a year. Then when finance was booming they claimed that these same dumb indians who couldn’t write software and doomed many a software company (now dell is dying) could do finance math (quants) and presto they simply re-wrote their resumes, printed out a different fake degree, and a million highly qualified Indians became quantitative analysts.

All along this story sits silent, not covered neither by mainstream nor by alternative media. So I ask you, when the hoarde turns its sight on your profession, no matter what it may be, please remember that famous poem

first they came for the trade unionists but I wasn’t a trade unionist so I said nothing
Then they came for the software engineers but I wasnt a software engineer so I said nothing
Then they came for the quants, but I wasnt a quant so I said nothing
Then they came for me, and there was no one left to stand up