it’s sad and it’s sick. But our welfare system and our poverty assistance has been soaked up by scamming blacks and browns to the point that if you are a single white person and you find yourself down on your luck you will find yourself starving in an ice cold apartment with no food about to be evicted. And you will not be able to get help. What the heck is going on?

Well what’s going on is the “prioritization” of the system is geared towards blacks and mexican invaders, not native american citizens. For the American who finds themselves on hard times the answer is simply “sorry”. Blacks have gamed the system by moving onto disability roles for simply being born. simply being black in america qualifies for disability with claims for things like being “Learning Disabled” “Mentally disabled” all unchallenged and qualifying. But if you genetic IQ is 70-85 of course you have lower mental ability than a white! Doesn’t matter that means they are “disabled” and get free food and medical and free or low cost section 8 housing. Oh you the single white person? Move along no help for you.

And what about the mexican scam, pretending not to be married while the man lives in the house and runs a lawnmowing or cash contracting construction helper business (they wont hire americans because americans have to pay taxes so they cant afford to work for 8 dollars an hour).

Then there’s the army of teen black girls who are quick to get their third baby born before they finish high school so that they get their free housing, WIC, food stamps, the whole enchilada.

That isn’t to say white people can’t have children and qualify for these programs although the black and brown office workers would surely put them at the bottom of the pile, the point is white people sensing economic insecurity WONT HAVE CHILDREN.

A mixed race society simply doesn’t work. It hurts the productive working white class. To think that if we lose our jobs we can end up homeless after a lifetime of paying 50 and 60 percent taxes on six figure salaries is ridiculous. We need serious reform. Some ideas are:

1) You should not qualify for ANY assistance if you have not worked for five years
2) You should only receive small levels of assistance if you only paid taxes on 20-30k year salaries. Sorry no full enchilada for you
3) People who worked hard and had higher salaries for many years they should have much higher benefits than foreign invaders.
4) No WIC and payouts for having babies. That’s insane.
5) We need to investigate disability claims and have many more private investigators working to find fakers and liars and also overturn spurious claims like “learning disabled” you are either a fully retarded moron who drools, or get a job. The PC language is now abused. It’s wrong. Also disability for “depression” and “dont wanna work avoidance syndrome” need to stop. Finally that adult baby guy, he needs to be kicked off the disability roles immediately. what a dork. throw the octomom and her false “disabled” kids on the list of the first criminals to lock up.
6) We need to investigate the unlisted mexican marriages and the husband earnings should disqualify these families for any aid
7) never declare a child disabled to get a paycheck. How can kids be disabled with regards to work when they dont work it makes no sense.