It’s unbelievable. First I see a kids cereal pushing rap music, now this week cocoa crispies has a big black maloog on the cover some dopey basketball player I’ve never heard of. Or shoudl I say the game that used to be basketball before they rewrote the rules to make it niggerball. Sorry its true. Pardon my french. But what I don’t need is this endless attack on my children showing how wonderful blacks are day and night. First of all, blacks are more likely to rape your grandmother or knock out game grandpa killing him than to smile at you over a bowl of crispy pops. And what about out sixteen year old daughters who beseiged on all sides by a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR GOVERNMENT CAMPAIGN THAT NEGROIDS ARE HUMANS JUST LIKE US makes the mistake and dates one of them and ends up dead ( see this weeks articles) or eaten (see last weeks articles). Sorry. no. This does not work for me. It’s the same with kids television. Gone is scooby doo. Now it’s Yo Gabba Gabba (a black) and Elmo (a child molesting black) and Hip Hop Harry (another black) and dora the explorers broken spanish. I’m sick of it!

Where is the Nikola Tesa Cereal Box? Or Oppenheimer? How about Shoemaker levy the astronomers who found the comet hitting jupiter? why does it have to be a stinky black animal with the IQ of a stinking TURD. It’s unacceptable! How many billions of dollars does the government spend on this crap. And how many billions have they used to cram fake music (aka rap) down our throats. And behind it all, the cold slimey hand of a jew banker with a hatred for whites that knows no bounds and a dark desire to destroy white america at all costs and any costs? Think i’m joking. You wait until more evidence breaks.

Until then I’ll eat my nigger pops but I won’t like it. Lord help them if they fuck with fruity pebbles.