Obama gave another brilliant oration discussing our way forward and our challenges and how we must pull together. There was much standing and clapping. And little substance. But if you looked closely you would see that Obama was not alone at that podium.

First around him were the dozens of American software engineers who killed themselves after being replaced by Indians with fake degree, brought to you by your loving government on the H-1B program. 577,428 of them in 2012 alone.

Around that group were the eyes of the four million Americans who lost their jobs and couldn’t find work for so long they fell off the unemployment rolls and are no longer counted. The mainstream media always uses the tag line “they stopped looking for work” but the truth is, starving and freezing, they keep looking every day.

Around that group were sixty million hungry eyes, illegal invaders who were promised full pardons for sneaking into the united states in the middle of the night and forging their identification papers, forging affadavits and signatures on official documents which is itself supposed to be punished by two years in jail. They watched and cheered every time Obama insinuated he would find a path for them even if he had to do it all by himself.

Around that crowd were the million people who died in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iraq, the ones killed and beheaded and raped by the al-quaeda forces that Obama says are our friends, killed by the muslim brotherhood forces who blew up christian churches and raped five year old girls, the ones that Obama paid seven hundred thousand dollars each to be our pals.

If one looked carefully, one could see the eyes the dark glaring eyes of our founding fathers who stood at the walls at the back of the room. Obama’s homeland team called them traitors and terrorists, the same team that just arrested a sheriff for trying to attend a meeting to assert that he believed in the constitution. They were glaring at Obama with eyes of pure venom and hatred and wondering why no patriots were acting to remove this man from office and place him in jail where he belongs.

There was no mention of giving thousands of machine guns to mexican drug lords, there was no mention of his IRS goons targeting patriots or his homeland goods sticking their hands up Miss USAs vagina, no mention of the new MRAP death vehicles they spent sixty billion on to outfit every police office with. I thought there was a budget crisis but apparently the goonification of american police overrides providing unemployment for America’s hard working now starving citizens who come in last in the marxist cultural revolution America is undergoing. The legalization of sixty to one hundred mehicanos in America will be the last step in seizing full control and purging us of every notion of liberty and freedom. That’s why it was such a critical part of Obama’s speech.

No Obama was not alone on that podium, he brought many people with him this year, many eyes were watching, and waiting for some sanity on this earth. If you listened carefully you could just make out the sound of Thomas Jefferson weeping.