It’s time to short Microsoft stock. Since they have thrown all their brilliant WHITE AMERICAN engineers into the streets and given us wonderful crap like VISTA using their new cheaper Indian workforce, it makes sense that they would elect an India CEO. Satya Nadella ran the companies cloud engineering division, which consisted of mainly Indian engineers who had fake degrees and fake resumes.

Gates has long been a proponent of abolishing all limits on the H-1B visa, the “temporary” visa that let’s Indians with fake degrees become US citizens in six or seven years. It’s a visa that has no expiration or limit, and in 2012 even though it was the twelfth year of economic collapse in America, they brought in 577,428 people on it.

There is a legacy to all this… Americas will never again study the sciences or engineering and slowly our whole country will rot. So congratulations Indians, I give you five years to destroy the whole company, monopoloy or not. As for me, I use Linux MINT on all my machines, it installs in minutes off a keychain dongle memory stick and is twice as fast and never hangs with my DUAL 3.4 gigahertz CPUs spinngin in circles like they do on XP, VISTA and Windows 7 and 8. It also wakes up from sleep 10 to 4,000 times faster than Windows.

It really is an odd moment to think… this time the Indians won and won big, when in reality we know, dark black craters of once wonderful companies line the streets of silicon valley, companies that were doomed once an Indian took over. Places like Bell Labs, where the internet and ethernet was invented and taken further. Bell labs now is an abandoned run down shack with trees growing in the foyer. How long before Microsoft looks the same? Not long baby, not long.

(the original bell labs built in 1936, destroyed by Indian

and I leave you with this picture from the UK side….

by Robert Lindsay | February 11, 2014 · 11:52 PM

Indian Programmers Destroying UK Software Industry


Same thing as in the US. Fake H-1B scabs being imported en masse. White workers fired by the legion and replaced with cheap crappy Indian programmers. A huge volume of work outsourced to garbage coders in India.

The days of the White software programmer are over forever.

Project Middle Class Death continues apace!

David Cameron, a worthless right wing criminal from the Tory Party (the equivalent of the US Republican Party) wants to relax immigration quotas in order to flood the UK with shitty Indian programmers so the few remaining White IT workers can be fired and their livelihoods destroyed.

Listen to Cameron: “We need to relax the immigration quota in order attract the best talent from around the world,”Cameron lied.

It’s the same lie they used in the US. “There are no US workers to fill these jobs so we need to import slaves from India. It’s never been true. There has never been a shortage of US programmers. There has never been a case where no American workers could be found for the jobs. They’re lying. They’re all lying. All of your scummy heroes, all of those software kings like Bill Gates all you worship so much, all of your capitalist Gods, they are all liars. They all lie. Lie, lie, lie, lie, all they do is lie. Your secular God, Bill Gates, the idiot all of you worship, probably destroyed more US jobs than any man alive by firing White American programmers and replacing them with flunkies from India.

All of the software corporations lied. Every single one of them. In order to file for H-1B workers, the capitalist criminals first must certify that no American workers could be found for that position. In every case, there are more than enough American workers for the job, but the capitalist criminals all lied, every single one of them lied, and said that no US workers could be found.

And all of the politicians lied too. Almost all politicians of both parties, the Democrats and Republicans, have participated in this lie-fest, fraudathon. All politicians have lied and said that there are not enough IT workers in the US, we have to import scabs from India. Liberals, conservatives, right and left, they are all lying for Big Business since Big Business and the rich own the asses of every corrupt whore politician in the US. Further, the entire US news media has been lying right along with the politicians and the capitalists. As the news media is run by the capitalists, it makes sense that everything Big Business lies about, the MSM capitalist media recites the lie word for word.

They’re all lying. Everyone is lying. It’s all lies. From the time you get up in the morning to the time we go to bed at time, it’s nothing but a tsunami of lies from the capitalists, the rich and their bought whore politicians and professional lie peddlers in the media. It’s sick. There’s no escaping the lies.