In an amazing show of courage Kiev protestors defended their central camp with barriers of flaming tires against a hell raid of police thugs in riot gear armed with flame throwers and stun grenades. The president stood firm that the protestors must be removed. This will end badly.

But the question is, if Kiev can stand up, what’s wrong with the American spirit that there is just nothing. And no that hippie fest called Occupy, which didn’t target the federal reseve didn’t have a coherent message doesnt count.

Americans protested allright, on their video games. “Dude, I just got pepper sprayed and made level 5” “rightouos” These amazing displays of courage and people with REAL SPIRIT that haven’t been dumbed down and broken into sapless mules shows us what we should be, and could be, with a few real strong leaders.

Everytime we think that the protestors simply cannot survive the onslaughts of police, the terrible cold, the wretched conditions, still they remain. We will see what tomorrow brings. There are bloodied injured people on both sides. Removing them will not come without terrible cost.

In response, the Ukranian government will copy the American method and create a city called Ukitown located hundreds of miles from any major city, and fill it only with highly paid government workers. Regular folk wont be able to afford to work there, and if people want to protest the government they will be forced to drive hundreds of miles and stay in expensive hotels. Problem with pesky freedom lovers solved. It worked wonders in California as well moving the state government to Sacramento.

Finally, a reminder to Americans what real courage looks like. Remember this photo as they heard you into FEMA camps. You had time to protest but you chose the double frappucino instead.

Freedoms Removed by The Congress, Senate, and President Bush and Obama

First Amendment: freedom of speech – GONE
You can talk but only where we say you can

Second Amendment: right to bear arms – ALMOST GONE
Only if you register them so we can take them away more easily

Third Amendment: Not required to Quarter soldiers
But we do have to pay our taxes for illegal immigrant hoardes and welfare abusers – GONE

Fourth Amendment: The right to be secure in our persons and property against searches and seizures. – GONE Enjoy your free groping at the airport

Fifth Amendment: The right to not incriminate oneself at trial – GONE with Torture and Black Sites, who needs trials?

Sixth Amendment: Right to Speedy Public Trial and Impartial Jury – GONE. NDAA bill removed any rights to trial. You can rot in a jail cell. Evidence may be entered in Secret and whole laws may now be secret.

Seventh Amendment: Right to Trial by Jury – GONE

Eight Amendment: No excessive fines or torture – GONE! Torture is now legal. And more and more abusive fines exist everyday including the Obamacare fine.

Ninth Amendment: Other Rights not mentioned still exist and are retained by the people

Tenth Amendment: Powers not granted to the federal branch are reserved to the states or the people- GONE. Tell that to a marijuana smoker who is arrested in a state where it was made legal or medically legal.

We have maybe 2 amendments out of 10 left. You still think we can wait to protest?