There is a secret number that is of terrifying proportions and it’s hidden in the Department of Labor’s monthly unemployment report. Yes, unemployment has dropped to six percent, but only by throwing millions off the unemployment rolls who never found jobs and letting them starve to death. This has gone on for six years now and for many of these, the fate will be death all thanks to a uncaring government that wishes to pretend we are in a recovery. To them, these six million starving lost souls simply must not exist.

But exist they do, some stay with relatives, others take low wage part time jobs hoping for better days, all are utterly terrified and horrified that their government would abandon them.

The assistence programs, all now geared towards welfare blacks who pop out four babies by the time they graduate high school (or don’t graduate), or the mexican invaders who also have as many welfare babies as possible to “anchor” them here in the states, leave precious little for the regular white working class person whose worked their whole lives. And that’s just wrong. These are the people who paid the taxes that pay for all these programs. but when they finally need a hand up, they get nothing at all.

Is this a first world country we live in? Is six months or even two years of unemployment enough in this neverending economic catastrophe. As long as everyone pretends we are in a recovery people will suffer horribly and the problems will never get fixed. Until then, the emperor has no clothes. Who will be the first to cry out?